La Trocha of Havana !

Well digging deep into my vault found another beauty that needs to be in my blog. As I an amateur of history and architecture if you have been reading me, this fix perfect into my domain . The trocha of Havana or at least one of them were setup during Spanish colonial rule in Cuba to tried to stop the liberators called Mambises or men of the jungle! There was one near my native town so will tell you a bit about it. Hope you enjoy it as I.

It is always a shot to go by them as they are still or at least were as of 2012. We drove by the Mariel Majana trocha in the family (no longer in Cuba)  Ford 1954 convertion !!

The trochas or “trails” or « military surveillance lines », were an important element in the Spanish strategy to annihilate the mambises liberating forces. The Mariel-Majana Trocha of General Arolas, was in 1896 for the Spanish, a military line of strategic, tactical and observation entrenchments, with intervals very well equipped with blockhouses, forts and redoubts with artillery.

havana La trocha 1998
This trocha was divided into sections such as the larger Mariel -Artemisa trocha done to operate against General Maceo (Cuban independence hero) in Pinar del Rio province after he have taken the fight from one end to the other of the island, It was reinforced with a second line whose main bases were Alquizar, San Antonio de los Baños, Punta Brava (my native town) and Hoyo Colorado (later Bauta). The main HQ was located in Artemisa, The first 12 km journey was between Mariel and Guanajay, the second 10 km journey between Artemisa and Guanajay, and the third journey between Artemisa and Majana formed by between 10K+ and 16K+ Spanish soldiers.

It is a wonderful thing to see along the road by car or a bus passing on the old Central Highway or Carretera Central between Artemisa and Guanajay. As a child many times passed by them with my parents.

The Cuban base Ecured source has more on the trocha:

There you go folks, a dandy historical fact about the wars of independence in Cuba, seldom mention today with the new/older regime. Hope you enjoy the post and seek it out if going there some day. For me, its a historical trivia.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Parece muy interesante y tienen que haber sido días incalculables aquellos de la lucha por la independencia de los cubanos…

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  2. Beautiful !well shared.

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