The Church Saint-Carantec of Carantec !!

Again, continuing on my road warrior tours and discovering new towns in my lovely Bretagne, we came to Carantec. Of course, the impressive monument we first saw was its wonderful Church Saint Carantec! This is a must to see here. Let me tell you about the Church Saint Carantec of Carantec !! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Carantec ch st carantec front jun22

The Church Saint-Carantec is in neo-Gothic style, dates from 1867. It was built on the site of the old 16C church, The bell tower is of the Leonard type with two galleries, The monumental door, from the neighboring manor of Kerangoaget dates from the 17C. The apse contains a beautiful processional cross of 1652 in silver and another simpler one in front of the altar.

Carantec ch st carantec front belltower jun22

Carantec ch st carantec nave to altar jun22

It is said to be difficult to specify the time when the parish church was built, the old demolished in 1867. The old church was rebuilt in 1657,had a choir and transept ,The bell tower alone did not lack a certain character, with its staircase turret, its rooms bells adorned with galleries and balustrades. It is regrettable that the dimensions of the current church did not allowed it to be preserved, Above the transept rose a graceful campanile.

Carantec ch st carantec altar to nave jun22

Carantec ch st carantec back rood jun22

The current Church Saint Carantec was built in 1867 as said; it is in the style of the 13C. External length 37 meters. ; interior length 31 meters, width of the nave and side aisles 14 meters; length of the transept 24 meters; the choir is 9 meters. Long, 6 meters wide. The interior of the church presents a striking aspect; the pillars of the nave are cylindrical and adorned with finely carved capitals; the four pillars of the transept are formed of small columns in bundles, on which rest the pointed arches of the vault. The windows and arcades of the choir present an imitation of the Sainte Chapelle in Paris. The bell tower is 37 meters; it presents itself well with its two bell chambers, its double gallery, with its balustrades decorated with quatrefoils and warheads.

Carantec ch st carantec treasury jun22

Carantec ch st carantec organ jun22

The baptismal fonts date from the 17C, The Kerrot Chapel was added in the 16C. The bell tower (16C) was remodeled in the 17C, Among the statues, one can see a Saint Carantec. There is also a box of holy oils from 1747. The supreme preeminence is that of the Rohan house of Brittany.

Carantec ch st carantec chapel vierge et child jun22

The city of Carantec on the church

The Bay of Morlaix tourist office on Carantec

There you go folks, a marvel to be visited, the Church Saint Carantec is wonderful indeed. Glad we made it over and would look forward to come back, eventually. Again, hope you have enjoy the post as I. With the post I bid farewell for now to Carantec.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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