My Rue de la Fédération of Paris !!

I want to tell now that I can, where was my last work office spot in my eternal Paris last there before the pandemic in 2019, This was at the nice Rue de la Fédération which is splendid positioned between the rue Desaix, which you can come by the Bassins de Champ de Mars and the Champ de Mars park which was my break time while visiting there. Further on the other way you have the Quai Branly and beyond port de Suffren (see post) . My regular trips there , I took the bus from Montparnasse no 82 stop Champ de Mars – Suffren (see post) ,which was easy walking distance to the office. Also, sometimes if weather made it better, the metro line 6 Bir-Hakeim.

paris tour eiffel from rue de la federation nov17

The Rue de la Fédération is in the 15éme arrondissement of Paris. The neighborhood of the Champ-de-Mars gave it its current name, in honor of the feast of the first Fête de la Fédération, which was celebrated on July 14, 1790, the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille. This street was called Rue Kléber by a decision of September 1 1802 (revolutionary year 14 Fructidor Year X ), Again by decree of 1879,the street takes the name of Rue de la Fédération. Its layout was modified in 1897 to allow for the expansion of the Champ de Mars – Tour Eiffel train station.

paris tour eiffel walking from bir hakeim nov17

It was in this street that the Revillon Frères establishments were located, founded in 1839 and whose origins date back to 1723, is the main French company and one of the world’s largest fur traders until 1936.  It was bought in 1982 by the Belgian group Cora, and becomes the Revillon Luxe brand. Today split into various independent companies, the Revillon brand is available in haute couture fur and as a perfumer and cosmetics. My most memorable meal in this area was done at the Le Cassenoix restaurant , 56 rue de la Fédération ,(see post).

paris Eiffle tower from 13 floor Aon ofc may13

The other street I took often as off the bus was the Rue Desaix, 402 meters long, begins at 38, avenue de Suffren and ends at 99, boulevard de Grenelle. This street, which has existed since the 18C, was named “Chemin des Charbonniers” then “Chemin de l’Orme-de-Grenelle” and “Rue Saint-Dominique” in 1798. It took its current name on September 1 1802 (revolutionary calendar 14 Fructidor an X ) Right on this street at no 14 is the very nice Comedie Tour Eiffel theater.,which not been inside yet.  Right on the Champ de Mars parc which again was a nice way to walk off lunch and get back to work you have the nice Bassins du Champ de Mars located at place Jacques Rueff Built since 1908 to 1928. After this I took the sublime Avenue Joseph Bouvard. The avenue connects Avenue de Suffren to the crossroads of Avenue de la Bourdonnais, Avenue Rapp and Rue Saint-Dominique, The route took its current name in 1921. In 1984, the central roundabout of Avenue sur le Champ-de-Mars was detached from it and took the name of Place Jacques-Rueff.

paris invalides from aon office mar14

This is all a sublime walk, and so happy to have know it well ,and worked nearby for several years as was my main company meeting place for the Finance committee, The other huge place here that just barely mentioned was the Champ de Mars Park ! I have several entries on the Tour Eiffel but just brief mentioned of this marvelous park.

The Champ-de-Mars is a large, fully open public garden/park located between the Eiffel Tower and the école Militaire or Military school. With its 24.5 ha, the Champ-de-Mars park is one of of the largest green spaces in Paris. Its name comes from the Roman Field of Mars and therefore from the Roman god of war, Mars, echoing the neighboring Military School. It encompasses the area between Avenue Gustave-Eiffel, which separates the park from the Eiffel Tower and Avenue de La Motte-Picquet, which borders it, The Champ-de-Mars is 780 meters long. In width, there are 220 meters between Allée Thomy-Thierry and Allée Adrienne-Lecouvreur. My Dad below !

Paris champ de mars tour eiffel Pipo resting mar11

Some of the events held here me think were on July 14, 1790 ,the feast of Federation. In the center of the esplanade stood the Altar of the Fatherland. Before the French revolution It was a country space, The construction of the Military School, by Gabriel, led to its destination in 1765 as the choice of the esplanade led to the construction of the noble facade which today closes the Champ- de-Mars and which was a witness and ceremonial setting for some of the greatest celebrations of the French revolution. The ground was leveled, surrounding it with a wide ditch and a long avenue of elm trees, and the esplanade was closed off with a fine gate. The Ile des Cygnes, which was at the location of the foot of the Eiffel Tower, was then attached to the left bank by the Pont des Cygnes.  This is where the Paris World’s Fairs of 1867, 1878, 1889, 1900 and 1937 were held. At the Paris World’s Fair of 1889 ,and to celebrate the centenary of the French revolution, Gustave Eiffel built the Eiffel Tower on the Champ-de-Mars esplanade. The Champ-de-Mars also hosted the foil and saber events of the 1900 Summer Olympics. The Champ-de-Mars has become a vast public garden, with central lawn paths. It is the site of many performances and activities, whether concerts, exhibitions or fireworks, all free. This is,also, where the New Year fireworks of lately are held, In the early 2020s, the Grand Palais underwent renovations (see post). A temporary structure is therefore built in the Champ-de-Mars, as an “ephemeral Grand Palais”, which was inaugurated in early 2021 , It will host several events, including certain events of the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics.

The City of Paris on the Champ de Mars park

The Paris tourist office on the Champ de Mars park

There you go folks, a memorable spot for me, again!  Well my travels as many notice are much, and in my eternal Paris ,well worked for 9 years, and lived off of it in Versailles! The best one-two combination one can have, and I am bragging, sorry! The area is awesome for walks, sights, and foodies, and at night over the Seine is sublime. Hope you enjoy the pictures from my office.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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