Again by St Germain en Laye !!

And I come back to my beloved old living area, department Yvelines dept 78 of the Ïle de France region just near Paris but not Paris at all. This is Saint Germain en Laye!  The Château de St Germain en Laye is now an archeological museum which is recommended to see. However, for me the architecture and history of the castle is it. Many memorable moments here with the family, as we love to come and shop in the city as well. I have found some pictures not in my blog and they should so here I am again to tell you about the castle of Saint Germain en Laye! 

SGL chateau back mar12

Just 20-25 minutes by RER A from Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile ,Arc de Triomphe, Paris !  As soon as you arrive, the castle faces you. A former royal residence, it stands out in particular for the elegance of its Renaissance silhouette and for its Saint-Louis Chapel, which is a true masterpiece of the radiant Gothic style. In particular, you can admire its permanent archaeological collections, which are among the richest in the world. From the Paleolithic to the First Middle Ages, some 29,000 objects, vestiges of the oldest techniques and arts, are available to you. The museum also offers themed temporary exhibitions and conference visits to learn more about the archeology and history of the castle. Just behind it, in what it was the old castle Louis XIV was born, now covered by the fame restaurant Le Pavillon Henri IV.

SGL chateau left side mar12

However, just as wonderful is to walk its domain property and its gardens paths. The national estate and the gardens surrounding the castle welcome you for a stroll on the large terrace, 2.5 km long and 30 meters wide, laid out by André Le Nôtre, gardener to Louis XIV. Overlooking La Défense and the Seine, it is a masterpiece of perspective!

The National Domain of Saint-Germain-en-Laye offers 40 ha of preserved areas which adjoin the former royal forest. This popular place for walking allows you to admire the French gardens designed by André Le Nôtre for Louis XIV or stroll through the English Garden created in the 19C and home to several rare trees. If today it represents a place of walk and relaxation very frequented by the inhabitants of the region thanks to its many paths and marked paths, it was formerly one of the favorite hunting grounds of the kings of France. Thus, François I, passionate about hunting, had the royal forest laid out for hunting with bridle paths crossing in a star, so that, placed in the center of these crossroads, hunters could see game crossing an alley. These alleys still exist, as does the La Muette hunting lodge, built in the 18C on the site of a first castle built by François I.

The official St Germain en Laye castle museum info :

The Seine St Germain en Laye tourist office on the castle/museum

The city of Saint Germain en Laye on its heritage:

There you go folks, seeing it alone is worth the trip, a marvel of our times, I have always enjoyed my visits in St Germain en Laye ,and the castle/museum is tops. Hope you enjoy this memorable post as much as I. The castle/museum of Saint Germain en Laye is superbe!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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