The Château de Kerisper of Pluneret !

So, back again in my local road warrior moods and decided to have a ride by the coast very close to my home.  I have done a post on this castle but came back for a repeat visit, love castles. I have to say was disappointed because it looks more rundown than my previous visit, even if it is private and rented out for events and mariages. Let me tell you a bit more on the Château de Kerisper of Pluneret !

Pluneret ch Kerisper front jun22

The owners of the Château de Kerisper are the same as the Sainte-Avoye Chapel  (see post) , The castle is between the rivers of Auray and Bono  at the spot call Kérisper belonging to the town of Pluneret. You get there on the D101 direction Le Bono, which town limits are closer to it.

Pluneret chat Kerisper front jun22

The Château de Kerisper is located in the Gulf of Morbihan and accessible by boat, the castle has parts that date from the 14C. Bordered by a wooded forest on one side and by a river on the other, it is an enchanted setting. The castle alone is more than 1300 m² of living space. There is also the pavilion, the old chapel, the kennel, the well, the farm, the pond, and the park.

Pluneret cha Kerisper dependencies jun22

The Château de Kerisper can be rented for events and has several rooms available to you during your event (capacity of 300 people) and your cocktail party can be organized outside if the weather permits. In 1990, the castle housed the Théâtre de l’Écume and an exhibition of floral art. The Kerisper castle is the seat of a former lordship and successive property of the families of Lestrelin (in 1426), Cadoret (at the end of the 15C), Montigny (in 1601 and until the French revolution), Montaigu (in the 19C), Saint-Pern (1876), Grand (1897), Douault (1900), Pommois (in 1979), and from 1998 Yvan Hurst It once had a private chapel. Modernized at the beginning of the 20C.

Pluneret ch Kerisper guard house jun22

The official Château de Kerisper

There you go folks, some nice place to visit in off the beaten path in my beautiful Morbihan The Kerisper castle is private but open on heritage or gardens days, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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