The Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul of Pluneret !

And continue my tour of traditional beautiful Morbihan, lovely Bretagne and my belle France. I am on my road warrior trips, and just passed by here again, anyway one of my routine ways in my region. I have written posts before but now new text and new pictures of today with inside look!  Therefore, let me tell you some more on the Church Saint Peter and Saint Paul of Pluneret. The town is very central and we passed by it several times as it comes very near Auray.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul belltower side right jun22

I came to see again the Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul from the 19C, built on the site of a former 11C church  in Gothic style, completed in 1885 by the construction of a square bell tower in the same style crowned with a beautiful spire, and also, modern stained glass windows. The exact location is aRue des Tilleuls, Pluneret.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul front belltower jun22

The Church St Pierre et St Paul is built in the ogival style in the shape of a Latin cross, The spire of the tower was only built in 1885, and is 75 meters high in pink granite. Then in 1909, the clock was installed,

Finally, able to come inside and tell you about it. The high altar is in white marble, the foot is decorated with statues representing: Virgin with the child crowned, St Joachim, St Jean, Jesus, and Ste Anne. It was consecrated “Privileged Altar” in 1879; this practice linked to indulgences has now fallen into disuse. It is dominated by the statues of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, patron saints of the parish and, on the side of the epistle, a statue of St Isidore, protector of farmers. There are 2 reliquaries with a piece of the True Cross. The three windows of the sanctuary represents St Peter and St Paul, the middle one the Holy Family and the right one Ste Anne and St Joachim. There are 2 altars at the entrance to the choir dedicated to the Sacred Heart and the Blessed Virgin. An ambo, place of speech, reading of holy books and the homily , which thus replaces the use of the pulpit.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul altar jun22

In the left transept, an altar dedicated to St Joseph. St Joseph is surrounded by St Joachim and St Anne, the parents of Mary, and the altar is dominated by the Virgin Mary carrying the Child Jesus.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul chapel st Joseph jun22

In the right transept dedicated to the Virgin Mary and dominating the altar, a huge fresco sculpted in stone dated 1880 which represents the coronation of the Virgin; at the foot of the altar a bas-relief representing the visitation. A painting depicting the Virgin Mary entrusting the rosary to St Dominic. The stained glass windows of the transept represent the Virgin Mary surrounded by the 2 archangels Michael and Gabriel. St Michael slaying the dragon , symbol of original sin from which Mary was spared , and St Gabriel, messenger of the Annunciation. The statues of St Cornely, protector of livestock, and St Thérèse of the Child Jesus.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul chapel virgin et child near jun22

The pulpit is carved in oak. 8 sculptures around the platform with the 4 evangelists Matthew, Luke, Mark and John, the 3 theological virtues Charity, Hope, Faith and a Trinitarian St Anne. The immense canopy, also in sculpted oak with 7 statues including the cardinal virtues and, crowning it all.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul pulpit jun22

The woodwork of the choir and the transepts, very nicely worked, are due to local cabinetmakers. They form, with the 14 paintings of the 14 Stations of the Cross and the 6 bronze chandeliers, a particularly homogeneous whole.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul nave to altar jun22

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul back wall jun22

The city of Pluneret on its churches:

The Bay of Quiberon local tourist office on Pluneret

There you go folks, now i feel better to fully showcase this pretty Church St Peter and St Paul of Pluneret. The town which is full of history and pleasant city center enough for a rest stop and see the church.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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