Father’s Day in my beautiful Morbihan, something to celebrate !!

Another Father’s Day in my beautiful Morbihan, lovely Bretagne and belle France.  I am still very lucky to have mine alive at 87,not so lucky with my Mom who passed away in 2007 and my wife in 2018. I take care of my Dad at home as he is on wheelchair.

Thanks to my boys who handle everything and more importantly paid for the meal we had a nice one with everybody except our dog Rex , he is not a father yet and stayed home. Maybe he was better, as the temperature today was 35C or 95F lol really hot as the curvature of Earth makes the sun hotter in our part of the world, so they tell me …

I  have voted in all French elections since 2003 but the one tomorrow the second round of the municipal elections I will skip and stay home. The turnouts are low and no blame as the candidates are well weak to put it mildly no choices only extremes. It looks out as the president will need to negotiate as will have no majority according to the polls. Typical deals behind doors and the life goes on as usual.

Tomorrow June 19 is the official Father’s Day too. However, we went out today as our new restaurant will be closed tomorrow.  We arrived at the Trattoria Italiana resto by 12h05 and had a front table seeing the street; shortly afterward the resto began to be full. This is a new restaurant in town in the spot where the now closed Steak & Shake resto was. Below the parking with elevator/lifts.

Vannes trattoria Italiana resto parking elevators jun22

The founding family of this chain hails from Gizzeria,a small village of the province of Catanzaro in the region of Calabria, Italy. It is a chain in France with several location, mostly in the ïle de France region. In Bretagne/Brittany it has one in Vannes and another at Cesson-Sévigny near Rennes. Also in Nantes.

Vannes trattoria Italiana resto back cucina kitchen jun22

Vannes trattoria Italiana resto bar counter orders jun22

We went and had our diavolo , margharita, for the Dads with tiramisu caramel, water, lemonade Polara from Sicily for Dad, and I share a bottle of Chianti red with the boys. The only drawback was that with the heat outside ,the AC inside was not tops. The rest is a very nice concept good food and friendly service by all.

The official Trattoria Italiana restohttps://it-trattoria.com/nos-restaurants

The RestaurantGuru reviews on the Trattoriahttps://restaurantguru.com/IT-Italian-Trattoria-Vannes-Vannes

And there just wanted to have this day in my blog for memories’s sake. You have a wonderful Sunday and a great Father’s Day if celebrating it, and keep cool. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

3 Comments to “Father’s Day in my beautiful Morbihan, something to celebrate !!”

  1. Feliz día del padre Pedro, que lo pases con tus hijos y que disfrutéis del día, especialmente con tu papá. Un abrazo de València.

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