Curiosities of Larmor Plage !!

Larmor-Plage is located on the west bank of the entrance to the harbor of Lorient which marks the confluence of the Blavet and Scorff rivers, it faces the island of Groix and the Atlantic Ocean. The territory of the town extends inside the harbor of Lorient, allowing a view on the peninsula of Gâvres, the Citadel of Port-Louis and Lorient (see posts).

I have done my road warrior tour of the coastal Morbihan around the towns of Quéven, Ploemeur, and Larmor Plage. Coming to the end of the cycle have some pictures which I think worthy of having in my blog for the memories of always. Hope you enjoy this kaléidoscope of mine! Therefore, here is my curiosities of Larmor Plage!

The Locqueltas district is from the 18C a site occupied by the army. A fort was built there before 1758.  It consists of twelve guns, a powder magazine and a guardhouse.  On the eve of the WWII, the fort only housed a modest armament. The Nazis naval gunners installed on the spot from 1940 did not modify anything until 1942. They then improved the defense of the fort by adding concrete works hidden in the middle of the wall and by arming it with six guns. The Locqueltas battery is now consisting of four concrete bunkers: two inside the fort and two others outside. Today, the Locqueltas district has been urbanized around the military space. Bunkers have been transformed into theatres. Others serve as municipal sheds or house a nautical club or associations of amateur fishermen. A campsite has also been established partly on the old battery. Sitting at end of Port Maria beach and out from the Kasino.

Larmor plage batterie de loqueltas by kasino jun22

The plage Port-Maria beach is the most central and lively beach. Composed of ultra-fine white sand, this beautiful beach stretches for about 400 meters bordered by a pedestrian promenade where there are many restaurants and bars. With its Mickey club and its ephemeral library, it is one of the liveliest beaches in town. Indeed a beach worth coming back for it, we love it!

The city of Larmor Plage on Port Maria beach

Larmor plage beach port maria by kasino left jun22

The Kasino of Larmor Plage has 110 latest generation slot machines, Black Jack, Electronic English Roulette, Table games, Bar-Brasserie area with musical entertainment every weekend Restaurant le A, with a view of the ocean (Port Maria beach). Open 7 days a week from 10h to 03h (04h on Fridays, Saturdays and the day before public holidays).

The city of Larmor Plage on the Kasino(casino)

Larmor plage Kasino front jun22

The Lafosse family carousel welcomes children on its wooden horses, a stone’s throw from the beach, every day of the week. This carousel, which is over 100 years old, has been restored after suffering damage during WWII. In the past, it was a horse harnessed inside that made it turn. Replaced by a gas generator, it now runs on electric power . Info open to children, from 11h to 12h30 and from 16h to 19h, every day until September.

The city of Larmor Plage on the carrousel

Larmor plage carrousel ave du gen de gaulle et rue de beg tal men by kasino jun22

The Notre-Dame fountain is located rue Beg-Tal-Men , on your way to the Church Notre Dame de Larmor (see post). A staircase gives access to the fountain which is against the bench of the path. The fountain is framed by low walls, the ossicle wall has a niche and a pediment. To its left is a kind of basin or stoup. Built in the 18C.  Until the last war, some of these water points were still used as drinking water reservoirs, washing places or drinking troughs. On weekends, they served as a place of pilgrimage, walk, meeting. The main source of Larmor-Plage, Notre-Dame-de-la-Clarté, was considered the only source of healing water. Coins were thrown into it to restore sight and hope. Now , there is work going on to develop the paths to access the buildings around it.

The city of Larmor Plage on fountains:

Larmor plage fontaine notre dame jun22

And cannot escape this picture of a shot from Port Maria beach across to the Fort of Port Louis and its beach,Grande Plage!  See my posts on them.

Larmor plage from kasino plage port maria to port louis and beach jun22

There you go folks a nice town for a day or weekend soaking on the nice Breton sunshine and great bounties of the sea on site! Not to mention the nice pure air walks along the ocean, always nice. The things to see are plenty and worth the detour. Hope you enjoy this post on the curiosities of Larmor Plage as we.

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all !!!

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