This is Lemery, Philippines!

I look again into my vault and saw bits of this nice experience meddle with other post so decided to take it out and do one post on it alone. One of my memorable road warrior experiences in the Philippines, I made several trips to the country over the last few years, 6 times to be exact from 2014 to November 2018, all memorable with many friends still in touch, see my many posts on the country in my blog. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on Lemery in the Philippines! Hope you enjoy it as I.

lemery arriving town center nov18

The town of Lemery is in the province of Batangas, Philippines.  The town was named after Captain Roberto Lemery, a commanding officer of the local garrison. As the story goes , during the early part of the 18C, adventurous settlers from Taal, northern  Mindoro and southern Cavite were attracted to the vast plain near the shores of Balayan Bay because of its abundance in fish and other marine life The place was first called Punta, meaning “point”. In 1818, the village of Punta was converted into one of the neighborhoods of the town of Taal. It was later renamed San Geronimo. In 1858, the neighborhood of San Geronimo became officially known as Lemery, after the death in 1856 of Captain Roberto Lemery. For economic considerations, Lemery was again annexed to Taal in 1904. Finally by virtue of a presidential executive order, it became an independent town in 1907. Lemery lies next to the heritage town of Taal; together they form a single urban area. The boundary runs along the Pansipit River; the river area was part of the sea until it was buried by tephra deposits from the 1755 eruption of Taal Volcano.

lemery enter complex twin lakes passing nov18

I went up to Lemery for breathtaking views of Twin Lakes. I reached the town from Tagaytay via the Diokno Highway, which is the road I took, While passing by the nice fruit market of Tagaytay, province of Cavite ,about 59 km from Manila.

lemery twin lakes passing nov18


Some of the things to see here are :Fantasy World, Km 78 Diokno Highway, Masayang. 300-hectare (740-acre) theme park, though incomplete and closed to the public This is, however, a common stopover for picture-taking by tourists travelling from Tagaytay to Taal . As I did see pic.

lemery fantasy world park passing nov18

Casa Corazon Motorcycle Museum ,National Highway, Sinisian . A private collection with many bikes and some classic cars. Lots of BMW machines including one from WWII with a machine gun mounted on the sidecar. The complex also includes a restaurant, hotel and some park areas. Saint Roch Parish Church . Lemery’s main parish church, it dates back to 1887, and used to have a Neoclassical façade with two belfries. It was badly damaged by aerial bombing at the end of WWII in 1945, and the façade was replaced by a modernist one in 1968, with the belfries demolished , There is a major shopping center seen elsewhere in the Philippines but not here, however, worth the stop with time, The SM Center Lemery, Ilustre Street (Beside Metro Lemery Medical Center), Quite a large mall. Has a SM Hypermarket, Watson’s pharmacy and fast food chains.

The town of Lemery on Facebook

The regional government of Lemery/Batangas on history

There you go folks, I feel better now having this wonderful road warrior experience in my blog,nice memories of the Philippines. Lemery was nice indeed, As said, many other visits there and been to several islands, great memories, and great friends. Do not know when back but if long the memories will lingered forever. 

.And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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