The beach at Canoa Quebrada!!!

I have pull this one from an older post to create a new one as the beach town deserves a post of its own in my blog, just for the memories, I like to tell you of my passing by Canoa Quebrada.I was on my usual fun road warrior trip covering a vast terrain of over 600 km from Natal to Fortaleza and surrounding areas. I will post this part of the memorial trip , see my other posts on Natal and Fortaleza.

Canoa Quebrada is a beach of the state of Ceará, 163 km from Fortaleza and 386 km from Natal. Its landscape is characterized by red dunes and cliffs up to 30 meters above sea level. The beach is located at the foot of a 10 to 15 meter cliff with sands of various colors. The name Canoa Quebrada actually means “broken canoe”.

The Fortaleza’s Pinto Martins Airport the nearest airport ,Once you arrive in Fortaleza, if you are traveling by car you just need to take the CE-040 to Aracati. Then take the BR-304 around Arcati and continue until the intersection that leads to Canoa Quebrada. I took this road warrior trip with friends passing towns like Parapaiva, Aracati (county seat), and Mossoro etc, You can also come from Fortaleza by bus,but not done it, The hightlight of the road warrior trip was reaching Canoa Quebrada !

We stayed at the Long Beach Hotel. Located just about 350 meters from Canoa Quebrada  beach and 600 meters from Rua Dragâo do Mar, This hotel truly has a prime location. The rooms consist of bungalows and apartments. They overlook the hotel gardens and this gives the hotel a private oasis feel. This complex also has two very beautiful swimming pools with an exceptional view and a really very friendly staff. Webpage :



And while, in town, why not sample some of the local foodies! Walking down Rua Dragâo do Mar towards the beach it is full of shops and restaurants, we stop of course at Café Habana bohemia, nice quant and great shrimp cafe habana house dish! This is a local portal for Canoa Quebrada showing the restaurant but cannot confirm if still open, so check.Anyway for the memories of always, Webpage:


A bit of history I like

The village of Canoa Quebrada was born from the small fishing village, Vila do Estevão. Discovered in the 1960s by French filmmakers of the movement in “Nouvelle Vague”, According to local tradition, the French worked hard during the day and, at night, they indulged in fun. For this reason, a moon and a star, carved into the cliffs, became the symbol of the beach town. Along the beach of Canoa Quebrada, you will encounter the Lue e Estrela, in other words a star and the moon sculpted in the red cliffs. The Canoa Quebrada symbol was designed by Brazilian sculptor Elisiário Chico. In the 1960s, this whole region was very popular with filmmakers.

The village acquired fame when it was discovered, in the 1970s, by the “hippies”, who found there a remote place, with great beauties inhabited only by an indigenous tribe and a few fishermen, a simple and hospitable population, which to this day preserve the tradition to fish with rafts in the sea. Some of these “hippies” settled there, marrying the natives and having children. Thus, it is possible to find many descendants of Swiss, French and other Europeans there. Canoa Quebrada returned to the setting of a film in 1997, with the production of Bela Donna,(beautiful woman)  by Bruno Barreto and directed by Fábio Barreto, having, since then, become one of the main tourist destinations in Ceará.

Some of the things to do/see here are:

To opt for a dune buggy ride, great fun indeed to see,,,The best for me was the Canoa Quebrada beach, the jewel of the region. The white sand beaches and turquoise waters easily rival some of the best beaches in the world. Here, the waters of the Atlantic are surprisingly calm and warm and the red and steep cliffs give a unique and colorful effect to this singular place. Other cool activity is ziplining. The zip lines here are truly unique. They start from the top of the dunes and were really designed to get users’ adrenaline pumping.Not mine of course ! The fun starts at the main street of Canoa Quebrada called Rua Dragão do Mar. It owes its name to a resident of the city, who, thanks to a strike, put an end to the slave trade in the state of Ceará. Today, this street is lined with internet cafes, T-shirt shops, tattoo parlors, and a host of restaurants and bars. While it’s great fun to wander around here during the day, the real life on Rua Dragâo do Mar (Broadway) starts after 22h and continues until the sun comes up on Canoa Quebrada beach facing the Atlantic.

The local Portal Canoa Quebrada

A beach info site or praias on Canoa Quebrada :

The Céara state tourist office on Canoa Quebrada

There you go folks, a nice wonderful road warrior trip into northeast Brazil ; worth the detour to Canoa Quebrada. I had a great time there and looking forward to a return. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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