The Greenbelts of Manila!!

I stayed mostly in Makati district and was able to go the wonderful Ayala Malls and especifically in the Greenbelt malls 1 thru 5.  This is really a shopper’s paradise with about five malls all interconnected with stores, restos ,cinema, chapel and others all wonderfully modern and clean; a place to spent a whole day and night. I have written briefly on them before, but it was such a fun time for me, that decided to group all info into one post on the Greenbelts of Manila!! Hope you enjoy it as I.


Greenbelt is a shopping mall located at the Ayala Center, Makati, metro Manila, It opened in 1988 and the mall offers a mix of high-end retail shops, restaurants, amenities, leisure and entertainment. Currently, the mall has five sections: two enclosed areas, two buildings with open-air shopping areas.  Built around a 250,000-square-meters (2,700,000 sq ft) retail complex, the mall, which merged the previous small arcades and shops, was first opened to the public in 1990. It was renovated in 2001, and as the complex grew, Greenbelt 2 and 3 were opened in 2002, with 4 and 5 opening in 2004 and 2007.


Greenbelt 1 features lifestyle, food, and supply stores, two cinemas, an onstage theater, a performing arts theater home to the Repertory Philippines. It is also the location of a branch of The Marketplace, the supermarket chain of Rustan’s.  Greenbelt 2 features high-end restaurants and the Greenbelt Townhomes, a two- to three-story condominium on top.  Greenbelt 3 features a mix of international brands including luxury labels, sit-down restaurants, five cinemas and entertainment facilities. The largest Philippine branch of Louis Vuitton was found here. Greenbelt 4 features high-end boutiques. Also included are branches of H&M and Globe store. Greenbelt 5 has boutiques of Filipino designers, high-end department store Adora, and boutiques.

manila greenbelt 3 water fountain jan16


Restaurants can be found in Greenbelt 1, 2, 3, and 5, with Greenbelt 1 concentrating more on fast food, and Greenbelt 2, 3, and 5 featuring sit-down restaurants. Santo Niño de Paz Greenbelt Chapel is in Greenbelt Park at the complex’s center. Built as an open-air, concrete dome in the middle of a pond, the chapel holds Masses and other religious services every day for mall patrons and office workers. It celebrates its titular feast day every third Sunday of January.  Greenbelt is served by an interconnected basement parking built beneath it. It is also served by parking buildings located at Greenbelt 1 and 2, respectively, and the Paseo Steel Parking, located at the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Esperanza Street. The steel parking and Greenbelt 2 parking are interconnected to each other.

manila greenbelt chapel entr jan16

I was there having a few beers at my old hangout TGIFriday’s and great chat with bartenders Grace and Manny! I know the TGIF’s and always fun to seek them anywhere. The company was great talkative, friendly, attentive and learn a lot about Manila and the Philippines! Nice memories indeed. I read this restaurant is tempo closed, do not know if open again. They were at 3rd Level, Greenbelt 3.  Either way, will keep in my post as memories lingered beyond and good times forever.

I was joined by friends for lunch at Mesa a nouvelle Filipino cuisine restaurant right in Greenbelt 5; It  was special having lunch with good company. The resto is still there at the Ground Floor level. They have other concept restos and its own webpage:


The mall is currently undergoing major re-development, with the ground level of Greenbelt 3 closed in 2019 for renovation. The new area re-opened in October 2021, which now hosts luxury labels and a newly-renovated Starbucks Reserve Cafe. One reason why maybe the TGIF resto is no longer there.  Greenbelt 4 will start its renovation works in 2022.

The official Ayala Malls on Greenbelt

Really if you are into shopping and in a great garden park with plenty of restaurant choices, this is the best one stop place in all Manila me think. To me of all the shopping malls I visited in the country (see posts) ,this was and is tops. Ayala Malls are everywhere but Greenbelt is in Makati, Manila!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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