La Trinitaine of Saint Philibert!!

This is another forgotten piece of memory of my road warrior trips around my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne. I have done several posts on St Philibert but hardly mentioned this wonderful La Trinitaine factory outlet store, This post is all new text using older pictures ; hope you enjoy it as I.

St philibert la trinitaine store front jun17

In our criss crossing of my beautiful Morbihan, we not only seen but taste the bounties of the Breton lands. One store we felled in love with and ever since was/is La Trinitaine. If you want local real, then come here. The main one is the factory outlet in Saint Philibert just on the road D28 coming from the expressway N165 take the D28 direction Crac’h, just passing it, you enter on St Philibert and will see the factory outlet store on your right hand side. Superbe spot for all Breton goodies!! We love it!!

La Trinitaine biscuit factory has been around since 1955, 3 generations of the Lucien Petit family, one after the other, have been making cookies and cakes in the Breton tradition.  The biscuit factory specializes in the manufacture of 2 kinds of products: dry biscuits (galettes, palets and cigarettes) and yellow pasta (madeleines, stars, pound cake…). The packaging being so diverse that 200 references are available. Each year, the family business manufactures with passion 11,500 tons of pure butter biscuits, guaranteed without preservatives or GMOs.

Since inventing a nugget of gluttony ; a fine rolled biscuit call the Cigarette! The success was immediate and marked the starting point of the La Trinitaine biscuit factory in 1972, Bernard Petit, son of Lucien, creates the Saint-Philibert manufacturing workshop with his wife Marie-Annick. La Trinitaine then becomes a family affair. The network is now 48 stores and they are one of the last French biscuit-makers of this size to have retained its independence !

There is no doubt about the crowds in the parking lot, we know the address! Dry biscuits and yellow pasta are offered in various packaging and according to different recipes. Decorated metal boxes are available in many models. In addition, trade products are on sale (sweets, drinks, seafood and local products) and others (decorative items, tableware, cosmetics ).

Right next to the La Trinitaine factory outlet there is a shopping center with a nice salon de thé which has suffer more from the covid. We have gone there when it was call the Vieux Fournil as time will have it needed breads and sweets. Feel for the memories to have the picture in this post. You might enjoy the new Salon de Thé now there.

st philibert au vieux fournil arriving jun17

Just to add another store we go often as well is in Carnac, Kergroix village that we passed often on the D768 road straight down from my house. Same La Trinitaine goodness but here only a store.

Carnac la Trinitaine store front kergroix dec19

The official La Trinitaine on factory outlet in St Philibert

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on La Trinitaine St Philibert

There you go folks, a dandy goodie very close to home and recommended to the world. La Trinitaine is goodness, local, all made in France, the best gastronomy in the world! You will be delighted you stop by and plenty to shop on souvenir gifts as well. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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