The streets of Auray!!!

I give you my wonderful take on the streets of Auray ,a favorite city of ours , and our first administrative town upon moving to the Morbihan in 2011, I have many posts on Auray in my blog but never enough to see these wonderful streets of it for its wonderful architecture and amazing history. Sometimes even more than the history of France but also, the USA and Canada. I will show you more about Auray or An Alre in the Breton language.

The Place de la République, formerly called “grand placître”, sometimes “place du Martray”, has been the economic and political center of Auray since the Middle Ages. Markets take place outside the halls: the wheat market, the cake market and the millet market. In the 17th century, the square was entirely lined with gabled houses, the ground floor of which was sometimes rented to a merchant. They are home to well-known families at the time: Autheuil, Henry, Boulle, Geffroy, Cadio, Le Livec, Gillouard… At no. 48 (pharmacy today), stands the birthplace of Pierre Le Gouvello de Kériolet , famous penitent. During the French revolution, this square took the name of Place de la Liberté.

Auray pl de la republique jan12

Some houses dating from the very beginning of the 19C have a dressed stone facade. These stones would come from the ruins of the Notre-Dame chapel, demolished in 1803. This was located on the Plain, opposite the Saint-Gildas Church (see posts). Three inns were, also present on the square: “les Trois Pas”, “Le Dauphin Couronné” and “Le Pavillon Royal” later called “Pavillon d’en haut” or “Hôtel du Pavillon”. They were razed in 1980 and replaced by a contemporary construction. At the Place de la République were concentrated the political power with the city/town hall, the commercial power with the medieval wooden halls (market) and the judicial power housed in a building (1908) attached to the halls (gone in 1905) . Upstairs there was a small Italian-style theater from 1903. The city/town hall was completed in 1782, On its pediment the town’s coat of arms features the Duke’s ermine and the three Royal lilies .

auray pl de la republique towards st goustan nov18

Some of the things to see here are : The City/Town Hall ,facade on the square, roof and belfry 18C Freestone houses at nos, 27, 29 and 31 , The 19C Half-timbered house , no 5 Facade and roof 16C, Half-timbered house at no,1 rue du Belzic corner with place de la République. Facade and roof 16C. The Hôtel de Trévégat (17C), located at n° 21. We see the coat of arms of the Plessis de Génédan family. At nos 23, 25 facade on the square and corresponding roof 1st quarter 19C.

Some businesses we have patronise over the years here are : The Pharmacie les Halles (Ardouin) 48 Pl de la République (my twins just got covic 3rd vaccine here), The City Hall of Auray 100 Pl de la République (my first French passport renewal was done here!) ,La Mie Câline,bakery at 12 Pl de la République ,MBA Mutuelle, (Dad health insurance) 32 Pl de la République ,La Trinitaine, 2 pl de la République (favorite store all over), Photo Le Guernevel Kodak Express, 21 Pl de la République (my first photos taken locally ,and partner friend of my photo shop in Versailles !!, of course I was recommended, small world !!).

The rue du Lait is located in the city center of the pretty town of Auray, a busy shopping street, leads to the Saint-Gildas Church (see post). Nearby, below the Place Notre-Dame, one can discover the imposing building of the 13C of the Commandery of the Holy Spirit, (see post) which, successively from the 18C, was a general hospital, infantry barracks and fire station.Now a cultural center and exposition spot, The Chapel of the Congregation of Men: 20, rue du Lait. Now the Tourist Office ! (see post). You see the house at no 25 with nice fireplace bearing the date 1587 with 4th quarter 16C medallion redone at the end of the 17C containing a portrait in bas-relief.


Some businesses we have patronise here over the years are the Bessec, shoe store, 19 rue du Lait; Auréole bookstore, 16 rue du Lai; and A L’Aise Breizh, 26 rue du Lait,local clothing store.

The rue du château was before proceeding with the sale of the ruins of the château, a rue Neuve created on September 6, 1560 on the northern moat. This road connects the main entrance of the castle (destroyed in 1558 by order of Henri II, and stones taken to the Belle Ïle sur Mer to build the Citadel) and the bridge of Saint-Goustan. On both sides, lots of land are sold in auction in 1560. Some are abandoned and find buyers a few years later. A century later, rue Neuve is entirely lined with houses and is now called rue du Château. During the French revolution, it temporarily took the name of Rue de la Montagne. The top of rue du Château is not affected by this sale in the 16C. This stretch of road connects the grand placître to the château. The Maison Gareau house (1608) was built on the edge of the moat, near the old main entrance to the castle. On the other side of the street, at no, 17, was the Auberge de la Croix-Blanche. In addition to a few half-timbered houses, the street is lined with beautiful residences using limestone, a noble material in vogue in the 17C and 18C, The houses built for the most part during the 17C. A half-timbered house bears the date 1608. Stone houses of 1640, 1643, and 1817 survived.


Some of the businesses patronise here over the years are the Librairie Vent du Soleil, 17 rue du Château, La Fromentine resto, 10 rue du Château, and the L’Igloo ice cream 60 rue du Château.

The Rue Jean Marie Barre, The benefactor is Joseph-Marie Barré, and not Jean Marie Barre, Joseph was a lawyer who had inherited a considerable fortune. Very close to the priest of Auray, Gabriel Deshayes, he made many donations and financed, in particular, the purchase of the property of La Chartreuse en Brec’h, (see post) in 1808, then of the enclosure of the Carmes in Sainte-Anne-d’Auray,(see post) in 1810.

Auray rue jean marie Barre et keriolet aug12

Some of the businesses patronise here over the years are : Yves Rocher, 9 rue Jean Marie Barre, Jewelry Guérineau, 31 rue Jean Marie Barre, Charcuterie Eveno (caterer) 28 rue Jean Marie Barre, Optic 2000 3 rue Joseph Marie Barre, (our initial opticians now in Pluvigner).

The rue du Belzic is an old street that goes from the place de la République to the Place Aux Roues , The street is completely full of shops, restos, bars and trafic controlled with days only pedestrian, A wonderful little street to walk and see fantastic stuff.


Some things to see here are the house at no 21 rue du Belzic 1st half of the 17C In-work staircase and winding staircase with daylight returns, and wooden staircase with cut-out balusters. The house facade and roof at no, 1 Rue du Belzic/Pl de la République. The houses at 26 and no 30 rue du Belzic.

Some businesses we have patronise here over the years are : The La Quincaillerie du Belzic, 21 rue Belzic, Crêperie Saint Michel, 33 rue Belzic ,Arts Ménagers du Belzic ,5 rue Belzic , and La Ferme Fromagère, 1 rue Belzic.

The city of Auray and its history

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Auray

There you go folks, a wonderful world indeed, and one I cherish every day feeling lucky to be here and thanking every day my dear late wife Martine my mamie blue forever. Enjoy the streets of Auray as I

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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