More of Pluvigner and St Guigner!!

So today Friday was one of those days that took me into city center/downtown of Pluvigner which is about 400 meters from my house. It was rainy so I took the car to do some errands and as this is the Palm weekend took time to revisit our church as well as buy those chocolats! Let me tell you about it ok, and of course, hope you enjoy the post as I.

I stop by the post office and decided to go on towards the Church Saint Guigner, of course across the street is the La Fondue de Chocolat maître chocolatier in town! A wonderful one two combination. This is Friday of Sorrows fyi.

We have been inside several times and past by it zillions times,and, so I stop by again to tell you more about the St Guigner Church in my town of Pluvigner. First, my town of Pluvigner (French) or Pleuwigner (Breton).  The name comes from the Breton Ploe meaning Parish and Guigner, the Saint; therefore, the Parish of St Guigner or Pleuwigner or Pluvigner! Get it !

Plu ch St Guigner belltower entr apr22

I have plenty written on the church in my blog, these are new pictures of today and did a bit more on the text, new. Enjoy it as I!!

The Church Saint Guigner is vast, dating from 1545, bell tower retouched in 1781, and restored in 1883 , The painting entitled “Assumption”, dates from 1770. The painting “Donation du Rosaire”, dates from the very beginning of the 20C. It was the heart of an old religious complex made up of the chapel of Notre-Dame des Oties (nettles), and the chapel of Saint-Adrien, a hospital and a cemetery. These monuments or their vestiges remain today. The stained glass windows relate the events of the life of famous people in the parish, such as Saint Guigner, Saint Guénaël or even the penitent Kériolet. You will also find the statues of Saint Guigner, Saint Michel, Saint Vincent Ferrier and that of Notre-Dame de Bon Secours.

plu ch st guigner altar apr22

plu ch st guigner left chapel apr22

plu ch st guigner right chapel apr22

The old  Chapelle Notre-Dame des Orties or Our Lady of the Nettles was invoked against rheumatism, and even communicated with the church, at the level of the sacristy. These are called double churches.

plu chapelle ND des Oties ruins next to st guigner apr22

The organ is a masterpiece 9 meters high and 15 meters wide made up of no less than 3,000 pipes, All renovated in 2019, after much effort and many years.It looks marvelous!!!

plu ch st guigner organ far apr22

Pluvigner had its patron saint as Saint Guigner, under whose name was placed its parish church. Hibernois of origin and son of a small king still peasant, this saint had embraced the Christian religion. To escape the persecution of his own father, he came with several new converts to spend a few years in  the Armorican Cornwall (Cornouaille). Back in his homeland, he renounced the throne left vacant by the death of his father ,and went to what is today call England, to work there for the conversion of the Saxons who had invaded his country: Barely landed, circa 455 , he was put to death, with all his companions. Fleeing the Saxons, a band of Christians who lived in the neighborhood where these martyrs had plucked their palms; and taking with it the body of Saint Guigner, crossed the sea, and came to settle, in the territory of the ancient Vénètes (Celtic tribe who gave the name to our capital city Vannes) in an almost deserted canton.

This is an artisan chocolate store. The La Fondue de Chocolat offers you around fifteen fine chocolates, palets, beggars, hammer chocolate (large broken bar), bars, molds, The products we offer are fresh, gourmet… They are created daily, I can vouch, they are delicious, recommended.

plu la fondue de chocolat by st guigner apr22

The city of Pluvigner on the church:

The La Fondue de Chocolat of Pluvigner

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Pluvigner

There you go folks ,my main church in town. It has been renovated several times over the years and the town folks have given money to do so. And of course, a great excuse to visit is the chocolatier just across the street!  Just enjoy it as we have come to do in our newer little corner of our world. This is the Saint Guigner Church in Pluvigner, in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne, and my belle France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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