Conleau Peninsula of Vannes !!!

This is a wonderful off the beaten path secluded small peninsula south of me part of my capital city of Vannes in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France ! I like to update the text on this post and include new pictures taken just this week, I was able to have some great time with my boys and Rex our dog there in the wonderful Conleau peninsula !!!  We love it for just family good times.

Vannes conleau harbor out channel mar22

It is located as an extension of the city of Vannes at the end around its curve of the Gulf of Morbihan; it is a district of the city also call by the same name. Nowdays you find old mansions houses, where the architecture its inspired of Swiss chalets. There is an open pool into the bay of sea water classify pavillon bleu or excellent for swimming. There is a good size children playground where local families bring their little ones for pass time and play, all bordering the gulf and its Vincin river. Large trees of shade and benches all over provides a nice rest area for a picnic or rest or just look at the sailboats in the inner safe marina and harbor!

vannes conleau pool ends mar22

Vannes conleau forest picnic table mar22

There are buses from Vannes that get you here but , I do the run always by car and its easy along the N165 to exit 779E follow signs for Le Port and on the last roundpoint, get right following Conleau sign, 20 mins and you are there off the freeway. Plenty of parking by the entrance to the Best Western hotel or at the entrance to the islet along the Vincin river and bay road. Of course, there is picturesque Vélocéo bike station for rides around the peninsula if you wish. And for the anecdote, there is always the sign on the stone Bretons toujours, Français jamais!

vannes conleau veloceo bikes mar22

Vannes conleau breton yes french no graffiti mar22

There is great views of the bay walking on a trail just from the open sea pool all around the building and housing complex, just great walks along the sea sublime!! You have great views over the channel that takes you out to sea and nice boats,

Vannes conleau pool starts mar22

Vannes conleau harbor out walkway mar22

For eating, there is a nice restaurant inside the hotel  Best Western at the tip of Conleau,the local name is Le Roof restaurant or the Conleau Cafe same building  for lighter fare, and also a bar area. We have tried them and are good, We used to come for lunch at the La Guinguette de Conleau  but it has closed and now there is a new resto 1930 that have not try yet,

Vannes conleau 1930 resto front mar22

Vannes conleau BW roof cafe mar22

There is a nice harbor office and public bathrooms right across the resto above and open sea pool. There are better bathroom by the sailing club after the Roof resto along the bay area. If you need your boat fix, there is a shipyard too!

Vannes conleau harbor house and toilets mar22

Vannes conleau inner harbor boats mar22

Vannes conleau shipyard mar22

The city of Vannes on Conleau peninsula:

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on the Conleau beach nice pic of the peninsula:

There you go folks, a nice place with nature and sea all around you, A walk ,swim ,eat and have your dogs with leash run free, a perfect combination, We take our Rex often here and he loves it too walking along the bay!!! Hope you enjoy it as I, Conleau! Peninsula is wonderful!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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