A castle and a park in Poissy!!

This is a Royal town of France; birthplace of Saint Louis, king Louis IX, yet seems off the beaten path for many. So close to Paris even the RER A or trains from St Lazare takes you here easy. Yet few visits by folks perhaps too busy in Paris. France is a movable feast indeed, come on over. Let me tell you about a small castle and a nice park, my family spent many days here for a walk close to the Seine river, and the market (see post), this is another town in which the Seine river passes by too! My little story of Poissy in the Yvelines dept 78 of the Ïle de France region of my belle France.

Both of these can be access by the D153 road coming into Poissy from the autoroute de Normandie ,A13 sortie or exit 7. Follow centre ville Poissy and you hit them, continue and end up at the Collegiale Church Notre Dame (see post). We came here from Versailles to enjoy the park by the Seine river , festival by the Seine and also to eat on the peniche boats and restaurant . A nice way to combine a visit to the nice things to see in Poissy, see my previous posts on the city.

The Château de Villiers is located in Poissy, at 13 avenue du Bon Roi Saint-Louis in the area known as the Parc de Villard, west of Parc Meissonier (see below). It was built in Neo-Louis XIII style and the 1860s, and it served successively as a bourgeois residence for the Hély d’Oissel and Ségur families, where the wounded in the War of 1870 were cared for; then as a leisure center for the Kuhlmann Establishments in 1928 and finally, a municipal building own by the city of Poissy since 1976 hosting public or private events. The castle, closed to the public, is located in lush greenery, which hosts a mini farm. A nice walk around it thus and close to the Seine river and the peniche boats some of them are wonderful restaurants.


The current Château de Villiers was built in the 1860s for Baron Léonce Hély d’Oissel master of requests to the Council of State, banker, mayor of Poissy and his son Frédéric Then he passed into the Ségur family, through the marriage of his daughter on July 2, 1877 in Paris, Thérèse Jeanne Augustine Hély d’Oissel with Pierre Marie Maurice Henry de Ségur, a historian Only the park is open to the public. It covers an area of 12 ha and has a small farm with animals. The castle and the outbuildings host events organized by the town of Poissy (exhibitions, ceremonies), and can be rented for private receptions, but the castle is not visited.

The City of Poissy on the castlehttps://www.ville-poissy.fr/index.php/vivre-a-poissy/cadre-de-vie/patrimoine-et-sites/le-parc-du-chateau-de-villiers-et-sa-mini-ferme.html

The Yvelines dept 78 tourist board on the castlehttps://www.sortir-yvelines.fr/Art-et-culture/Art-et-culture-dans-les-Yvelines/parc-jardin-yvelines/parc-chateau-villiers-poissy

The Parc Meissonier is a public garden located next to the Château above. It owes its name to the painter Ernest Meissonier, mayor of the city in 1878, who however never owned it. He resided in a house located in the enclosure of the Abbey which adjoins this garden.


It is a landscaped garden of 12 hectares, with a large pond, many remarkable trees and a rose garden. It is close to the city center, runs along the avenue du Bon Roi Saint-Louis in the north, which gives the main entrance, (and also along the Seine river) and extends south to the avenue Blanche de Castille. Towards the city center it adjoins the Abbey enclosure and on the opposite side to the west, it adjoins the Parc Villard and the Château de Villiers (see above). This garden is the former domain of the former Dominican Abbey which disappeared following the French revolution. It was owned by the painter Ernest Meissonier in the 19C. It was given to the city in 1952. In 1980, a statue of the painter, coming from the Louvre reserves and due to the sculptor Antonin Mercié, was installed at the entrance of the park overlooking the avenue du Bon Roi Saint-Louis. The oldest tree is a cedar from Lebanon, the plantation of which is estimated in 1740!

The City of Poissy on its parkshttps://www.ville-poissy.fr/index.php/vivre-a-poissy/cadre-de-vie/environnement-energie/les-parcs-et-espaces-verts.html

The Yvelines dept 78 tourist board on the parc Meissonierhttps://www.sortir-yvelines.fr/Art-et-culture/Art-et-culture-dans-les-Yvelines/parc-jardin-yvelines/parc-meissonier-poissy

 There you go folks, you have my little nostalgic Poissy by the Seine river in the Yvelines, a lovely town with many things to see too if you look search in my blog. Hope you have enjoy this bit of green away from Paris.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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