The Berry museum of Bourges!

As an amateur lover of architecture and history, other than a castle, church or monastery, nothing beats coming to a museum. Especially if it relates to related subjects of mine. While traveling , I am always on the lookout for them, and if missed them noted down to come back on a later visit. This is the case of the Berry museum in Bourges.  I like to tell you a bit more on it. Hope you enjoy it as I,

The Musée du Berry  or the Berry museum located at 4 rue des Arénes corresponds to the first museum of Bourges founded in 1834 by Claude-Denis Mater, magistrate collector and friend of Balzac. First departmental, with the support of the prefect of Cher, then municipal, the museum moved in 1891 to the Hôtel de Cujas. This mansion was built in 1515 and was the home of jurist Jacques Cujac since 1585 , in brick and stone, for an Italian merchant, Durand Salvi; the name of Cujas remained to him, because it belonged in the 16C to this great jurist, who taught at the law university of Bourges between 1560 and 1566, then from 1575 to his death in 1590.


The rooms of the museum were fitted out in the years 1950-1960, emphasizing the Gallo-Roman period. A room dedicated to ancient Egypt opened in 1986. Another room now allows you to discover works related to Duke Jean de Berry ;late 14C and a selection of Romanesque works little known to the public. In 2014, four rooms on the first floor were refurbished to accommodate the “Unveiled Works”, a collection of paintings reflecting the richness of the museum’s collections. 

The search for acquisitions for the Berry museum, allowed, until the end of the 19C, enrichments in various fields: archeology, stained glass, painting, furniture, numismatics. Throughout the 19C, the State regularly granted works on deposit: paintings, sculptures, porcelain. The prehistoric collections increase especially at the end of the 19C and in the first half of the 20C, under the impulse which is then given to prehistoric archeology. In the second half of the 20C, two directions were favored: archeology, in particular with the purchase of part of the collection of the Société des antiquaires du Center, and ethnography.

It is wonderful from the historical perpective of the collection and the architecture of the building. Worth a detour as we did,Lately , there has been some structural damage to the building and the city is working to find a solution ; in the meantime the museum is closed until further notice.

The city of Bourges on the Berry museum—leisure_berry-museum

The Friends of the museums of Bourges on the Berry museum :

There you go folks , it is a very nice museum , and for the memories I hope they are able to reopen the Berry Museum soon. Nevertheless, I encourage you check in order to visit it if possible, worth the detour, and in a very nice old part of town ; you will be glad.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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