My walks of Nantes!!!

And I bring you to Nantes for another of my favorite walks, I have been saying in my blog, the best way to see a city is by walking it ; we do go in by car but then is walk all over, Above ground you see more of the beautiful architecture and read up on the magnificent history, I have plenty of posts on Nantes in my blog, so this one will be on my black and white series,no pictures. Therefore, here is my take on my walks of Nantes !!! Hope you enjoy it as I.

Nantes is a city along the Loire river and its quays, You can see it at the Place de la Petite Hollande with arch circle going around the ïle Feydeau where we start our walk. Here every Saturday along the Quai Turenne and Quai de l’Ïle Gloriette in the morning the fisherman brings their catch as well as vegetable vendors for a wonderful market, Before leaving the square look up the mansions telling us of the richness of the seamen in the 18C. Go up to rue Kervégan crossing the ïle Feydeau in half and at no 13 see the details of the macarons making reference to the sea ; push the door at no 11 and see a beautiful courtyard all this wonderful architecture around the allée de Turenne, Cour Ovale, and quai de la Fosse as well, At no 40 cours Clisson you see the birthhouse of Jules Verne and more narrow streets where you come to the Chapelle de Bon-Secours dedicated to the fishermen.

Return these streets to the allée Duguay-Trouin, and go across place de la Petite Hollande again to go over the quai de la Fosse ; at no 15 and 17 you see beautiful mansions with great sculptures showing once again the seamen past of Nantes, Around the pont Anne de Bretagne that you encounter again the Loire, you can go along with the tramway stop/arrêt Chantiers-Navals and descend at the next stop Gare Maritime, Or go on foot along the trails of the Loire Quai de la Fosse, then Quai de l’Aiguillon and see the vast river behold of the mighty Loire ! You can visit the musée Naval Maillé-Brézé a floating military museum , by here you can take the Trentemoult the navibus that takes you to this tranquil island still looking like a fishing village of old, You have a nice view from the hill or Butte Sainte Anne, Going back to the quai de l’Aiguillon go up to the rue de l’Hermitage and see the neighborhood of Sainte Anne for a nice view of the old Nantes and see the city center from the quai des Antilles.

I take you to the Bouffay neighborhood, and the medieval old town with its wonderful shops,restos at the heart of Nantes, The heart of the neighborhood is of course the Place Bouffay with the medieval look on its restaurants, bars and shops where we start our walk.

Every wednesday you have a bio and brocantes are held here, You go right into the rue de la Vieille-Monnaie , rue des Echevins and follow the rue du Bouffay then that of rue Vieil-Hôpital you are at the heart of the free town of Bouffay declare as is since 1976. Come back a few steps and go into rue de la Bletterie and turn immediately right into rue Beauregard and continue straight into the Place Sainte Croix, in front of the Church Sainte Croix you see a beautiful classic facade with a belltower from the 19C. Here since 1803 reign the store Devineau selling wax candles, Very near see the rue Travers to the place du Change, see again beautiful mansions in wood covered with tiles especially the Maison des Apothicaires a nice medieval one, come back to the Place Sainte Croix and go around the church on your left. At no 7 there is a wooden house from the 15C and at no 7 rue de la Juverie another mansion with a cross of Saint Andrews.

You can continue in this medieval beautiful part of Nantes by walking on the rue de la Baclerie, and rue des Petits-Ecuries, Follow here on your left to rue des Chapeliers, than right into rue du Château that takes you straight to the château des ducs de Bretagne (castle of the dukes of Brittany) passing the vast rue de Strasbourg. Take your back to the castle and go on rue Prémion and then go up rue Mathelin-Rodier, See the curious letter P let all know in the middle ages the present of wells in these houses in case of fire, you know where the water was ! At the top you come to the Place Saint Pierre that takes you to the magnificent Cathedral St Pierre et St Paul. The Rue de Verdun along the cathedral to the porte St Pierre at the limit of the old town see the column Louis XVI (one of five still in France) where it dominates the cours St Pierre that gives you a nice walk to the castle and not far the dome of the tour LU telling us of another era of the Lefévre-Utile (LU).

We come now to the classic Graslin neighborhood, all arts and business and again a naval past. Here you have the Place du Commerce where we will start our walk. Beautiful architecture all around you, not far from the square you come to the rue de Gorges that takes you to the Place Royale created in 1790. There is a monumental fountain celebrating the Erdre,Loire, Sévre,Cher and Loiret rivers (see post) Also, the city of Nantes represented by a women crown at its feet curious personages to tell us of the rich past of fisherman, mariners, and the industrial port, Behind it the narrow streets takes you to the Church St Nicolas.

You go down rue de la Fosse to reach the quai de la Fosse and stop to seee beautiful facades of mansions at no 7 and 9 a rich library and chocolaterie dating from 1850. You must stop enter admire the Passage Pommeraye (see post) and go up the wonderful wooden stair inside. This building was done in 1843 along the spirit of the passages of Paris. Go down a few meters to the corner with rue Crébillon that takes you to the place Graslin with a beautiful theater Graslin with sumptous decorations of busts of Voltaire, Rousseau, Racine, Corneille, Moliére, etc. Right here see the famous restaurant Cigale deco 1900 ( see wooden clock a cicada on the facade , which rang at the end of each intermission and invited spectators and actors to return to the theater). Continue on the rue Voltaire and its wonderfully beautiful mansions of the 19C heritage of shipbuilders of yesteryear, To the right of this square you come into the building of the Monnaie that houses since 1875 the National History Museum, continue to the place Jean V and see the Archeological museum Dobré inside the park see the nice manoir de la Touche. Finally go into rue des Cadeniers straight ahead you see mansions of the boat chain and metal builders with a pretty view of the Loire on your right and on the left the rich cours Cambronne.

The Nantes tourist office:

The city of Nantes:

The Loire Atlantique tourist office on Nantes:

There you go folks, another dandy spot for us and a must to visit, Nantes is wonderful. And now you know walking in Nantes is sublime, worth the walk! Another beauty in my belle France! Again ,hope you enjoy the post and visit when possible

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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