Quiberon is worth coming back!

If you have been reading my blog, you know have written plenty of posts on this beautiful peninsula and main city of Quiberon. I will update the text and add new old pictures to the post. Quiberon is in the Presqu’île de Quiberon peninsula in my beautfiul Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely region of Bretagne.

In summers the city is popping with activity been a beach town, while in winter the tourists are gone and the whole is for us! Of course, less crowded and businesses adjust their hours ,but our favorites are open . It is about 40 km from home at the tip and one road the D768 takes you all the way with a bit of incursion into the expressway N165 or voie express, and then continue on the D768. The time varies according to the season and the crowds but always less than an hour from home. It is our beach area town central since coming to live in this part of the world in May 30 , 2011 to start my job on June 1st.

Oh yes there is a Gare or train station in Quiberon (see post) use only in Summers call the Tire Bouchon or corkscrew line and a bus line 1 from the train station in Auray , the rest is by car. There are things to see but already done posts on them such as the Church of Notre Dame de Locmaria (see post) in old town city center is always imposing upon arriving in Quiberon. We did as what we like best, park for free at the train station or Varquez near the Grande Plage or big beach ,and walk all the way in seeing all these wonderful places of forever!


Well , don’t you know it, there is cinema in QuiberonLe Paradis or paradise indeed on Rue du Phare or lighthouse street. And four screens to boot! Lovely near Place Hoche and the big beach or Grande Plage. The best combination after a movie is to walk on the beach or vice versa!


Above is place Hoche looking towards Place Varquez and the spot of the market or marché!  And The view on a winter day from place Hoche towards the Grande Plage or Big Beach!


Of course, even our favorite hangout is closed before Christmas at Place Hoche, the wonderful L‘Esplanade Café (see post) of our friend who did lived in New York City once !  And once you are around the big beach, why not walk a bit further and see the Gare Maritime (see post) or marine terminal for our wonderful cruises to the outlaying islands in the Gulf of Morbihan and even the Atlantic Ocean!

And just of course by the marine terminal see thru the building of Port Maria and see the green lighthouse! Just up from the cinema Le Paradis at 11 Rue du Phare.


And on a round tour of the city center we came back to the train station passing by the downtown or city center or centre ville at place de la Duchesse Anne .The square is next to the post office of Quiberon.  Another nice day in nice Quiberon.


The city of Quiberon on its heritagehttps://www.ville-quiberon.fr/listes/a-voir-a-faire/ 

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Quiberonhttps://www.baiedequiberon.co.uk/quiberon

There you go folks, another nice walk tour of coastal beach Quiberon. Hope you enjoy the brief tour and do see my many other posts on Quiberon. You can always let me know and have a drink lol !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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