Chenonceau castle, interiors!!!

So written before on the castle in an introductory post. Now , I have come back this week to it and will post several new posts and pictures of the wonderful Château de Chenonceau, the castle! Yes love castles and lucky to be in prime region just less than 4 hrs from my house. Hope you enjoy the posts as will try to break them down as shown; this one will be on the castle interior’s.

Some of the text will be repeated as really once you do an introductory post not much left to tell and can’t tell you all lol!! Here I go folks!  I am taking you down to the fairy tale castle of the ladies! The town and castle has a peculiarity of the name but that is just history (see post) . The place of course was visited again with next text and pictures, I am talking about the Château de Chenonceau at the village of Chenonceaux! 

The Château de Chenonceau  goes thru many changes of hands and a legal battle to gain title to the property by heirs of  Thomas Bohier, he finally marries a one Catherine Briçonnet (the first lady of the story of the castle) , which does lots of work on the property until her death in 1526. Due to bad finances and no taxes paid, the king François I takes the property in 1535.  Later king Henri II gives it to his favorite lady Diane de Poitiers (see my post on Anet) ,she ,also, does lots of work on the castle. After the death of Henri II in a duel in 1559, the crown finds a way again to take the property back, this time is Catherine de MediciYou have a continuation history of woman relating to the castle such as  Louise de Lorraine wife of king Henri III where the bedroom in the 2nd floor shows on the door the deuil of her assassinated husband in 1589. She lived here until her death surrounded by religious sisters that took domicile at the castle, turning it into some form of convent after the death of Catherine. A room dedicated to the daughters and daughters in laws of Catherine de Medicis, the chambre des Cinq Reines  or bedroom of five queens (Marie StuartMarguerite de France  (queen Margot), Louise de LorraineElizabeth of Austria, and Elizabeth of France). From the bedroom of the ladies in the history of the castle to the room of king Louis XIV, the place is just gorgeous and a must visit.

The Grand Gallery was done in 1576 upon the wishes of Catherine de Medici. It measures 60 meters long, 6 meters wide, and 18 windows. It was open officially in 1577 during festivities honoring her son Henri III. Each end wonderful Renaissance fireplaces. Early 19C, the gallery was decorated with medallions representing famous historical figures. It was here that the original military hospital of Mr Menier was put up for WWI. In WWII, the river Cher was the demarcation point of Petain’s France and occupied nazi France.The entrance to the castle was in the occupied zone. The gallery south door gave access to the left bank of the Cher river and made it possible for the Resistance to pass large numbers of people into this free zone.

Chenonceau castle grande galerie jan22

You have the wonderful Guards’ room with a 16C fireplace and hanging tapestries from the 16C as well. The chests are Gothic and Renaissance periods,on the floor are the remains of 16C majolica tiles!

Chenonceau castle salle des guards jan22

And we move on to the Chapel, going thru a door with the statue of the Virgin, dominating the nave is the Royal Gallery bearing the date of 1521, from where the queens attended Mass. Several religious paintings adorn the walls. The Chapel was saved from the French revolution by the owner at the time Madame Dupin (see post) to turn it into a wood store, thus camouflaging its religious character.

Chenonceau castle chapel jan22

You see Diane de Poitiers’ bedroom. When Henri II donated the castle to her. The fireplace has the initial of H and C for Henri and Catherine but when interwined can form the D of Diane de Poitiers!

Chenonceau castle bedroom Diane de poitiers jan22

The Katherine Briçonnet hall, on the first floor (2nd US) tiled with small baked clay tiles stamped with the fleur de lis pierced by a dagger. There is a suite of six Audenarde tapestries from the 17C representing hunting scenes by Van der Meulan.

Chenonceau castle hall of Katherine Briconnet jan22

The Five Queen’s bedroom in memory to Catherine de Medici’s two daughters and three daughters in laws as above.

Chenonceau castle bedroom five queens jan22

The Catherine de  Medici bedroom with a wooden square coiffed ceiling. The coat of arms of the Medici family with in the center the H and C interwoven. Wonderful Flanders tapestries of the 16C illustrating the life of Samson

Chenonceau castle bedroom catherine de medici jan22

The César of Vendôme bedroom. Duke of Vendôme, son of king Henri IV and Gabrielle d’Estrées, uncle of Louis XIV, who was owner of Chenonceau in 1624. See the ceiling, Renaissance fireplace, walls of 3 17C Brussels tapestries. One of them Spanish Murillo portrait of Saint Joseph.

Chenonceau castle bedroom cesar vendrome jan22

The Louise of Lorraine bedroom. She was given the name of white queen for dressing in white according to protocol of royal mourning for the death of husband king Henri III. It has an original ceiling decorated with mourning feathers, with initial of Greek letter Lambda and H for Henri III. The Capuchin nuns, that Louise of Lorraine wished to have near her on the third floor (4th US) did not return to their convent until the 17C.

Chenonceau castle bedroom louise de lorraine jan22

The Green Room was Catherine de Medici’s study room when she became regent on the death of Henri II. She governed France from this room there are 16C ceilings on their original state and two interwined C of her initial. Several Brussels tapestries from the 16C as well as Italian cabinets 16C and also, several paintings from Tintoretto, Ribera, Van Dyck amongst others.

Chenonceau castle cabinet verte medici jan22

The Library is a small room and was of Catherine de Medici. The ceiling dates from 1525 Italian style and one of the first coffered ceilings of this type in France. Several paintings here too such as by Jouvenet and Poussin.

Chenonceau castle library chimney jan22

The François I drawing room with one of the most splendid fireplaces of the Renaissance. Furniture as far back as the 15C and 16C Italian cabinets. On the wall portrait of Diane de Poitiers as Diane the huntress by Primaticcio given to the castle in 1556 bearing the name of arms of Diane de Poitiers, Duchess of Etampes.Several other paintings as well by Van Dyck, Zurbaran, and Van Loo.

Chenonceau castle salle drawing room of francois I jan22

The Louis XIV drawing room was done in memory of the visit to the castle of July 14 1650 by Louis XIV. On the Renaissance fireplace ,the salamander and the stoat bringing back the memory of François I and Queen Claude of France.  Several paintings such as by Rubens, Van Loo, and a large portrait of Sameul Bernard, banker of Louis XIV, this wealthy banker was the father of Madame Dupin who also has a portrait here. She was the grandmother by mariage to George Sand and owner of the castle in the 18C. A defender of the Encyclopedists, she welcome Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Diderot, d’Alembert, Fontenelle, and Bernadin de Saint Pierre.  Her kindness and generosity and intelligence save Chenonceau castle from the destructions during the French revolution. Yes indeed!

Chenonceau castle salle drawing room louis XIV jan22

The official Château de Chenonceau :

The Touraine Loire Valley tourist office on the castle :

There you go folks, a dandy in the marvelous Loire Valley of my belle France. You need to come to the castle of the ladies, Château de Chenonceau! It is a must me think, Hope you have enjoy this post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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