Curiosities of Chenonceau castle!!

So written before on the castle in an introductory post. Now , I have come back this week to it and will post several new posts and pictures of the wonderful Château de Chenonceau, the castle! Yes love castles and lucky to be in prime region just less than 4 hrs from my house. Hope you enjoy the posts as will try to break them down as shown; this one will be on the curiosities of Chenonceau castle.

Some of the text will be repeated as really once you do an introductory post not much left to tell and can’t tell you all lol!! Here I go folks!

I am taking you down to the fairy tale castle of the ladies! The town and castle has a peculiarity of the name but that is just history (see post) . The place of course was visited again with next text and pictures, I am talking about the Château de Chenonceau at the village of Chenonceaux! 

You have the Domes building, built by Catherine de Medici with an imperial style roof houses the Queen’s apothecary, and the Domes cellar.

The Queen’s apothecary created by Catherine de Medici, the most illustrious of the ladies of Chenonceau, came to life again on the site where it originally stood. This new museum gallery presents a very rare collection of albarelli, barrel pots, pill boxes, syrup pots, thearic pots, and mortars. The earliest remedies were rather like witch potions, they began to developed herbal preparations much later. An educational room presents the history of apothecaries, and a number of figures in the queen’s entourage. One of these was Nostradamus!

Chenonceau castle military hospital apothecary front jan22

Chenonceau castle military hospital supply cabinet jan22

There is the wine cellar which has endured for centuries here. It sits in a historic 16C building with beautiful vaults , contains spaces to discover and also acquire wines from the property such as AOC Touraine Chenonceaux, and other wine related products. We did not go as was closed opens March to November, but we do shop and drink plenty of Touraine wines; our house wines!

There is the Orangerie next to the Green garden created, between the 18C and 19C, originally intended to house oranges and lemon trees during the winter. The Orangerie is now a gastronomic restaurant . Since the Renaissance there has been the tradition at Chenonceau, and the spirit lives on in the Orangerie. There is a tea room next to it, open from mid March to Mid November. As we cut out to eat we did not try here this time.

Chenonceau castle orangerie et resto ateliers etc jan22

You can see here and we did the 16C farm including Catherine de Medici’s stables. The building houses in its center a floral workshop. The arrangement on the castle are done here! , They ,also, lit the fires on the castle’s fireplaces .

Chenonceau castle farm 16C entr jan22

Chenonceau castle farm center going out jan22

There is, also, the Carriage Gallery! Located in the large stable of the 16C presenting a collection of both noble and rural horse drawn carriages. Typically, French like the Break, the Tonneau and the English like Tilbury, they are all part of the heritage which is preserve here. They were for the most part used in the 19C and still do in the countryside!

Chenonceau castle domes aterlier attelage front jan22

Chenonceau castle domes aterlier attelage jan22

Chenonceau castle domes aterlier attelage back jan22

As an anecdote, the Château de Chenonceau, also serve as a hospital in WWI in the stables convertion, and there is a small museum in the Domes building to tell you about this. We saw ,nice!  The story goes that on August 2, 1914, the industrialist Gaston Menier, owner of the Château de Chenonceau, had 120 beds installed at his own expense in the two galleries overlooking the Cher. He also had the medical equipment needed to install several very modern operating rooms for the time. More than two thousand Poilus (2,254 exactly), French soldiers of the Great War or WWI, were hospitalized at the Château de Chenonceau and received care. The military hospital will operate until the end of the conflict and will close its doors on December 31, 1918.

Chenonceau castle military hospital WWI jan22

The official Château de Chenonceau:

The Touraine Loire Valley tourist office on the castle :

There you go folks, a dandy in the marvelous Loire Valley of my belle France. You need to come to the castle of the ladies, Château de Chenonceau! As you can see plenty to see here and is a must to visit me think, Hope you have enjoy this post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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