The Château d’Amboise!!!

Ok so this is another new visit, text, pics, the works. I have been here before and have older post in my blog. Lately, from my new surroundings only been there for my house wines and out. Until this week, I took my whole gang including our dog Rex, (stayed outside) and we indulge ourselves in the Château d’Amboise again. This is my take, hope you enjoy it as I.

Amboise castle back side from loire river jan22

Let me take you again on a new visit and pictures to one of my favorite castles , Amboise. Not only it is a great castle with wonderful views of the Loire but it houses the Leonardo da Vinci house and museum (see post) of the great genius.  However, the main thing to see is the Royal Chateau or castle, you first arrive at the Terrases from the 15-16C as it was the first castle to introduce the Italian renaissance style in France. Here in the terraces you see the Chapelle Saint Hubert, (see post) dedicated to the patrons saint of hunters built under king Louis XI and finished by king Charles VIII, it is the resting place of the genius Leonardo da Vinci from May 2,1519.  From the outside the castle is a prime example of the Renaissance of which king François I was the initiator. He was responsable for bringing Leonardo da Vinci over to his kingdom in 1516, when he was 64 yrs old.

Amboise castle front side jan22

The royal castle of Amboise is a former residence of the kings of France overlooking the Loire river, in Amboise, in dept 37 of Indre-et-Loire in the Centre Val de Loire region, Before being attached to the crown in 1434, the castle belonged, for more than four centuries, to the mighty House of Amboise. During the Renaissance, it served as the residence of several kings, notably Charles VIII, Louis XII and François I.

A bit of history I like (more)

Since Neolithic times, the Châteliers promontory has been an ideal observation post at the confluence of the Loire and one of its tributaries, the Amasse. The overhang of almost forty meters offers an exceptional natural defence. The city became the main city of the Turones, a Celtic people who gave their name to the future province of Touraine. The site was fortified from that time. The Roman legions also occupied the fortified site. Local chronicles tell that Julius Caesar himself would have been seduced by the oppidum of Amboise. However, the site entered lasting history during the meeting of Clovis, king of the Franks and Alaric, king of the Visigoths. After the troubled period of the Norman invasions, Amboise joined the domain of the counts of Anjou, then that of the house of Amboise-Chaumont. In 1214, Touraine was invaded by Philippe Auguste, King of France. The Amboise-Chaumont family became vassals. But in 1431, Louis d’Amboise was condemned to death for having plotted against the favorite of King Charles VII, La Trémouille. Finally pardoned, Louis d’Amboise must however give up the Château d’Amboise, confiscated for the benefit of the Crown. It was partially destroyed after the French revolution: from Charles VIII’s project, however, remains the royal residence, the Saint-Hubert Chapel where the remains of Leonardo da Vinci rest, the terraces and the cavalier towers which give the monument this singular silhouette. Its monumental fortress-palace is the very last great royal fortified castle built in France today.

The Minimes tower and the Heurtault tower, both very massive, allowed carriages and teams to climb onto the terrace, as their summit is accessed by gently sloping ramps. They are located respectively on the north and west facade of the castle and are of Renaissance architecture. A panoramic lounge was built on the roof of the Minimes tower in 1843 and has now been destroyed. It welcomed Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon III) when he came to signify his release to Abd El-Kader (Algeria indepen hero) in 1852. The top of the tower was redone a few decades later. and the castle terraces. Charles-Quint uses the cavalier ramp of the Heurtault tower to make his entrance in 1539. A torch will also ignite a wall hanging during the passage of the imperial convoy.

Amboise castle back side tower jan22
Amboise castle front far tower jan22

The royal castle of Amboise has an exceptional collection of furniture, testifying to the artistic refinement of the first French Renaissance. From room to room, precious pieces of French history are discussed during the visit of the house. We also discover an astonishing architecture. The castle of Amboise belongs to the Saint-Louis foundation.

Well my wine place was close this time no rdv taken but for the all times saken,this is it the cellars of the castle, that is where you buy the wines from the Touraine region; en vino veritas!

Amboise castle cave wines tasting touraine jan22

The official Château d’Amboise

The city of Amboise on its heritage:

The Amboise Val de Loire tourist office on Amboise:

There you go folks, a dandy in the marvelous Loire Valley of my belle France. You need to come to the castle of the kings, the Château d’Amboise! It is a must me think, Hope you have enjoy this post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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