rue des Petits Carreaux of Paris!

Well back to the lonely period we are cruising thru and decided to look back deep into my blog to update some older posts that needs it. After several years, some of these posts gets very updated and the links fade away. Therefore, here is my updated post on the rue des Petits Carreaux of Paris!

Why not start with another nice walk in my eternal Paris and one its streets. We will always have Paris. And I have been lucky enough to have worked in it for almost 10 years and still visit every month current conditions allowed. 

The rue des Petits Carreaux is located in the 2éme arrondissement.  It begins at the 2, rue Léopold-Bellan and 36, rue Saint-Sauveur and ends in the 44, rue de Cléry. It is extended by rue Montorgueil, and by rue Poissonnière. .The rue des Petits-Carreaux is joined or crossed by several more or less perpendicular streets; no.16-30 and no. 23-33: large cut into rue Réaumur, lined on the right side of allée Pierre-Lazareff; no. 32-34 rue du Nil; no 39-41 and no 38-40: rue d’Aboukir with the plant wall oasis d’Aboukir. The street is serve by the line 3 Sentier metro station.


A bit of history I like

The street is named after a group of houses which were north of rue Montorgueil and which were called “Petits Carreaux”. The rue des Petits-Carreaux dates back to the 13C. Originally part of the rue Montorgueil, it became a full-fledged street in the 17C.. It is cited under the name of rue des Petitz Carneaulx in a manuscript of 1636 then the form rue du Petit Carreau appears on many official acts of the 18-19C.

Some interesting buildings here on rue des Petits-Carreaux are: No. 6: building from the end of the 19C, with the marble front of a former delicatessen on the ground floor, nos 10-12: building from the 19C, decorated on two levels by wooden formwork; old sign of the coffee merchant Au Planteur, and the Cul de sac du Crucifix: Sieur Goüel received a housing ticket from the quartermaster of the Compagnie des Cents-Suisses to house a Swiss guard in a house of his own in this street in 1714-1722.

Some stops here in the past by yours truly have been to La Grappe d’Or French resto; the Belgian chain Le Pain Quotidien (Belgian chain),and of course, the Créperie le Comptoir du Commerce. Also, the bakery of Eric Kayser or Boulangerie Petits Carreaux. 16 rue des Petits carreaux. By Rue Réamur you see a picturesque arch entrance to the rue des Petits Carreaux! It is overall a very nice quant street in the center of old ParisIf you are by this area one more place I can recom for it is the Brasserie les Petits Carreaux at no 17; webpage:

Of course no webpage for the street but will leave you with the city of Paris, what to do

There you go folks, another wonderful street in my eternal Paris. Indeed, so many are nice, I can only tell you the ones I have driven or walked on, and this one is one of them. Hope you enjoy the rue des Petits Carreaux of Paris!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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