Chocolateria San Ginés of Madrid !!!!

I am on a nostalgic run , for that, needed to be in Madrid. We say, from Madrid to heaven, and a hole in the sky to look down on it every day! yes! As I told you about my youthful days , teens, in my Madrid and lucky to visit it every year now! Of course, updating this older post and waiting to come when the virus allows it fully,

I told you a bit about the chocolateria San Ginés! But bits is not enough me think, This is an institution in Madrid!! I have many souvenirs of this place coming with my dear late mom Gladys and then my dear late wife Martine, and my boys and family and friends all taken here. For me is more than just a churros and chocolate place. I came as a teen ,first to teatro Eslava (now joy eslava) to do community dances for youths, and while leaving late, we hop over to San Ginés to recompose the body and soul; it was a ritual of younger years even before the movida !!! San Gines was more familiar then, nice talks great fun, It has become very touristic lately ,but for me still a nostalgic spot that need to come and try those churros with chocolates again.


I have come here each time in Madrid since 1970 , with some years of absent has been pretty consistant until 2019, Then, the virus well will see when the new world order is arrange, The chocolateria San Ginés is a must when in Madrid. You too can make it your own mark stop in Madrid and delight yourselves with it, To boot is in a charming old area off the Puerta del Sol.


The Chocolatería San Ginés is one of the most famous churrería in Madrid. It is located in Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5 off Calle Arenal in the heart of the city near the Puerta del Sol. This is one of the most popular places to take a chocolate with churros, and this since it was founded in 1894. Today it is a tourist place where visitors and locals gather to taste these delights of our world. Some claim too touristic but to me is more than that name, nostalgia wins all the time.



San Ginés is also known as Buñolería Modernista, name given by the writer Valle-Inclán in his novel Bohemian Lights. As you can read on the plaque hanging on the facade of the bar: “ This bar served as inspiration to D. Ramón María Valle-Inclán for his literary work Bohemian lights in 1929 “. But Valle-Inclán was not the only one, the location of the bar was halfway between the Teatro Real and Puerta del Sol, so it became a bar frequently visited by artists and intellectuals of the time.

The Churrería is located next to the Teatro Eslava and its fame began when at the exit of the theater, people got used to go there to take a chocolate with churros.  Later, its opening until late hours, made people who were leaving the night club of Joy Eslava late at night or early in the morning could have breakfast before returning home. It has become a meeting place for the night owls. Many souvenirs myself doing this in my younger days lol!


The bar was built in 1890 to make it a hostel but it was converted into Churrería in 1894. It is a bar reminiscent of the cafes of the late 19C. It has two floors where there are traditional white marble tables and a counter paved with tiled and where you can take the traditional chocolate with churros or any other refreshment or a coffee accompanied by pastries. In general the churrería is open every day of the year.  During the Spanish Second Republic it was known as the La Escondida”, (the hidden) as many intellectuals and folks hided there when in trouble, and had their meetings.

In 2010, a Chocolatería San Ginés opened in Tokyo, in the Shibuya district, adapting its products to the tastes of the Japanese. Later they opened in 2013 in Bogotá, Colombia.  In Madrid ,there is already another outlet at the market or Mercado de Prosperidad, in Calle López de Hoyos ,81. Unlike the local at San Ginés , it won’t open 24 hours every day of the year, but it will adapt to the timetable of the rest of the market hours from 6h to 22h  uninterrupted. The Mercado on San Ginés webpage :

And after all the above, you may ask what are Churros? Well not a cooker even less a chef but this tells it like it is. The Churros are long sticks of dough created from water, salt and flour. Typically, dough is for a vat of hot oil, deep-fried and stirred with a very long stick, which helps the dough form into long spiral sticks, similar to a donut, but not round. The sticks are then cut down and a bit of sugar may be added on top. The hot chocolate is served the authentic Spanish way: thick and steaming, perfect for dipping churros into. If you’ve already tried churros, Porras are a thicker, more doughy version and well worth a try.

The official Chocolateria San Ginés

The Madrid tourist office on San Ginés

The YELP reviews on the San Ginés:

There you go folks, an institution in Madrid, a must stop, ok go the sights the museums the parks but do come here lunch or dinner late night better again is a must stop in Madrid at the Chocolateria San Ginés. Hope you get the idea, is a must!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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