Curiosities of Laval!

And here I go again, bringing new pictures and stories from my vault.  Wonderful memories indeed and glad we came to Laval. I have several times past and used the train station here and then took the family several times for visits. Here are some of the latest curiosities of Laval, the city hall and train station. Enjoy the post, Laval is worth the detour. 

This is Laval in the dept 53 of Mayenne and in the Pays de la Loire region. Family trips have been by car and I parked by the parking of des remparts just behind the Hôtel de Ville on Rue Souchu Servinière. fyi !

The City/Town Hall or Hôtel de Ville of Laval is a building housing the municipal council and the administrative services of the town. It is located on the Place du 11-Novembre, in the city center. The city hall had been located since the 18C on the site of the current post office at Place du 11-Novembre. The works took place from 1826 to 1831 and the Place du 11-Novembre (then place de la Mairie) also dates from this period and is on the same axis. The City/Town Hall is therefore located in a completely new and monumental space, which supports its official character.


The City/Town Hall is neoclassical in style. Its main facade is in limestone and the rest is mainly built in coated rubble. It is formed by a central body with five bays punctuated by Doric columns on the ground floor and Ionic columns on the first floor. the three central bays are opened by semi-circular doors and windows.  The two remaining bays accommodate niches decorated with statues representing agriculture and commerce. The central bay is surmounted by a clock. The whole rests on a granite base.

The city of Laval and its city hall

The Laval tourist office on the city hall

The Laval train station or Gare de Laval is on the Paris-Montparnasse line to Brest, located near the city center. It is connected to the old town by avenue Robert-Buron, which allows in particular to reach the rue de la Peace, one of the main shopping axes of the center. Laval Castle is about a km away. It is located halfway between Rennes and Le Mans but also halfway between Brest and Paris.


It was put into service in 1855. After its destruction by bombardments during WWII, it was rebuilt in 1956. The passenger building is typical of that of stations in small French towns. It is made up of a single-story main building topped by a clock as well as two single-story side wings. The passage of the railway in Laval also required the construction of a viaduct crossing the Mayenne river. Located to the west of the train station, this 25-meter-high viaduct was completed in 1856. After the repairs from WWII, it resumes its original silhouette with a central body surrounded by two low wings. These wings are also extended by two two-story buildings. The openings in the central building repeat the semicircular arches that characterized the first station. It is also surmounted by a pediment and a clock. The station was renovated for the first time in 1985, then in 2007, a new square as well as an underground car park were inaugurated.

The Bretagne-Pays de la Loire LGV, high speed line opened to traffic in July 2017, It allows TGVs to stop at Laval train station. Since then, the city is only 1h10 from Paris and 24 minutes from Rennes and Le Mans. A new footbridge connecting the station forecourt to the Pommeraies district and allowing access to the various platforms was opened in December 2017. In May 2018, the new bus station was opened, replacing the one previously located in city center,

The Gare de Laval train station

The SNCF TER train station of Laval

Again, this is perhaps an off the beaten path city of my belle France, that needs more time, and we have, encourage you to do the same for Laval.

The Mayenne dept 53 tourist office on Laval

There you go folks, a nice walking tour and you can see these two, in lovely Laval. The city hall is a nice building and the train station is modern and comfortable. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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