The Maison d’Adam of Angers!!!

Going or coming along my ways in my belle France, need to tell you about a town that was a pleasant visit, and even close by , so much to see !  Angers is a city on the banks of the Maine river in department 49 ,Maine-et-Loire in the region of Pays de la Loire. I like to tell you in a new post with an older picture on the house or  maison d’Adam taken its name from the historical Adam and Eve sculptured on the house with decoration of persons and animals. However, now is the Maison des Artisans d’Angers. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Maison d’Adam also called the house of Adam and Eve or of the Tree of Life,and today the Maison des Artisans d’Angers is a half-timbered house located in the heart of the city at the crossroads of rue Montault and place Sainte -Croix, just behind the Cathedral.(see post), It is one of the architectural testimonies of the medieval heritage that still exists today, since it was built around 1491. The house in medieval times, was one of the main commercial axes of the city . It was once at the crossroads of two narrow streets, lined with half-timbered houses.


A bit of history I like

The land has belonged to the Lefèvre family since at least the beginning of the 15C. In 1415, Pierre Lefèvre declared in the Saint-Maurice chapter a dwelling or big house known as Minage. The date of construction of the current house was determined by dendrochronology. It would have been built shortly after 1491. According to the archives, it is an apothecary, Jean Lefèvre, who ordered the construction. It is still in the bosom of the family in 1526, It change hands several times afterward, Around 1544, at this time, the house is linked to that of 17, rue Montault, It will subsequently be occupied by several notables of Angers, During the French revolution, the revolutionaries destroy the figures of Adam and Eve with the serpent, leaving only the apple tree in place. The alterations will remain effective until 1951, the date of the first restoration work on the building. In 1990, it housed the Maison des artisans d’Angers. The last major restoration was carried out in 1994.

A lot more on the architecture I like

The building consists of a ground floor surmounted by three floors, plus two attic floors, for a total of six levels. In addition, there is a barrel vaulted basement. It occupies a corner plot of 8 x 10 meters. On the main facade, Place Sainte-Croix, it consists of a wide gable. The roof consists of two long sections on one of which lean two large monumental skylights, by rue Montault. The half-timbered facade is decorated with numerous sculptures and consists of a diamond-shaped paneling, the slabs of which were originally made of bricks, The multiplication of the gables, the solid and decorative diamond-shaped panels, the deep corbelings. moldings, carried by thick posts carved from a single mass, brilliantly illustrate the know-how of the carpenters, which has reached its peak. The overhanging corner turret houses tiny cabinets, writing desks or counters, borrowed from the homes of notables, which picturesquely enrich the exteriors. Ornamental patterns of naturalist inspiration such as tree knots, or purely decorative on the theme of twists, dress all the posts.

The iconography, which has favored many alchemist hypotheses, oscillates between the two great poles of medieval sensibility. on the left Marie threatened by the dragon, then the angel of the Annunciation and Saint George slaying the dragon, the Centaur, Samson slaying the animal, the lovers, on the right: chalemia player and bagpipe player, Religious subjects such as the Virgin and the angel of the Annunciation, the pelican giving its blood to its young (symbol of the Resurrection), Saint Michael or Saint George slaying the dragon, alternate with a whole range of scenes or profane figures. or vulgar, from the loving couple with moving gravity, the flute or musette players, to various variations of the fantastic (centaurs, griffins, chimeras), without forgetting the famous Tricouillard. You have to imagine all of these decorations adorned with bright colors, which major alterations in 1814 made permanently disappear. The little known statue called Tricouillard , hanging from the half-timbering of the very chic House of Adam, this wooden statue , the facts are there: when it comes to exhibitions, Tricouillard has no equal.

The architectural style is representative of the beautiful half-timbered houses, of the rich merchants of the end of the 15C. Its imposing dimensions, its complex structure and its enigmatic decoration place it among the most remarkable carpentry works of the Middle Ages in France. This is the House of Adam, which inspired Anatole France for his novel “L’Orme du Mail” The House of Adam is today a place of artistic creation of more than 80 artisans. Witness to its integration into the contemporary world, the new Maison des Artisans d’Angers has become an essential place of culture and art in the city of Angers.

The official Maison des artisans d’Angers

The city of Angers on its heritage

The Angers tourist office on the Maison des Artisans

There you go folks, another dandy in my belle France. This is Angers a must to visit while in France and do read my several posts on the city’s heritage in my blog. Hope you enjoy this house of Adam or house of craftsmen in quant pretty Angers.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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