Artsy curiosities of Le Mans!

Let me tell you about a wonderful city of Le Mans in the Sarthe dept 72 of the region of Pays de la Loire! I come by car, and it is about 3 hrs from me avoiding tolls which do not like if can avoided, why paid more taxes… We have made it here several times and have plenty in my blog, however, there are some buildings worth mentioning for when we have more time, we enjoy them and hope you do too.

Let me tell you a bit more on the wonderful theater and cinema complex in the Place des Jacobins of Le MansThe Place des Jacobins is the second main square in Le Mans, located south of the ramparts of old Mans and dominated by the cathedral ,the Quinconces des Jacobins and the cinema-theater complex.

The municipal theater of Le Mans, or theater of the Jacobins, is a performance hall present, in different forms, since 1842. The creation of a theater was envisaged from the first quarter of the 19C in order to compensate for the lack of space in the Hall concerts, dating from 1776. The theater built in 1842, was designed as a classical theater with three superimposed orders with Doric or Ionic columns accompanied by Corinthian pilasters. At the time of its construction, the Place des Jacobins was the heart of local social life. The theater is an important rallying point , originally, the large hall can accommodate around 900 people. Until 2008, it hosted theatrical performances, ballets and operas. The main novelties are the abandonment of the classic superposition and the addition of a portico preceded by a large parallelepipedic mass.


On Tuesday 22 August 1944, that is to say two weeks after the liberation of Le Mans, General de Gaulle addressed the local population meeting on the Place des Jacobins from the balconies of the municipal theater.

Located in front of the Place des Jacobins, located behind it the Quinconces des Jacobins where there is a park and a car park. The destruction of the theater, made it possible to exhume a number of corpses of Chouans, (fought the French revolution) buried after the first Battle of Le Mans. The old theater was dismantled from November 30, before being definitively destroyed on December 17, 2009. Major building in the city for a century and a half was gone, The new theater was commissioned in 2013, the new theater is therefore the third building housing the municipal theater. It has 822 places, a rehearsal room of 300 m2, a multipurpose space of 305 m2, an exhibition space of equivalent surface and an underground car park with 610 places. Next to it, but in a separate building is a cinema and a restaurant.

The official Théatre des Quinconces

The city of Le Mans on the theater

The Cinema Pathé has 11 rooms for 1854 seats, On the image side, the Pathé Le Mans is the first Pathé cinema to offer 4K projection in all theaters. It provides twice the resolution of conventional digital projection and guarantees exceptional color intensity. On the sound side and for the first time in the region, the largest room offers the possibility of watching films in Dolby Atmos , The Pathé Gaumont cinemas is a subsidiary of the Pathé group and is France’s leading cinema circuit with 78 cinemas, The restaurant L’Avant Premiére is located on top of the Cinéma Pathé of Le Mans , For lunch or dinner, the brasserie restaurant has a room and a terrace in summer that can accommodate 100 persons each. The lounge-bar area has 30 seats, allowing you to relax in peace. Also come and enjoy the terrace to sip your syrup or enjoy your ice cream in the shade of the parasols.


The official Pathé Gaumont cinemas on the cinema Pathé of Le Mans :

The official cinéma Pathé top L’Avant Premiére restaurant :

For general info, the Le Mans tourist office:

there you go folks, hoping you enjoy the brief instroduction to the theater and cinema of Le Mans. A wonderful square with plenty to see and do in addition to the above. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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