The gare maritime of Lorient!!

So I live by the coast of the Morbihan, plenty of sea goodies , you name it we got it. However, this spot was found by just walking in town. We first came set out on foot from the Espace Nayel shopping center where we had left our car underground. And after walking around and looking into the pleasure marina we stumbled onto the gare maritime of Lorient that takes folks into the gorgeous island of Groix. It has been a stop ever since, and one glorious ride into the island which is a must. Let me tell you a bit about the marine station thus.

lorient gare maritime pass entr jul13

The gare Maritime of Lorient is located at rue Gilles Gahinet,at the end of the pleasure port marina, This cruiser/ferry marine station takes you to the Ïle Groix island , 8 km long and 3 km wide.  

lorient gare maritime entrance jul13

The marine station or gare maritime is loaded with amenities for a nice stay, ticket refreshments and just great view over the port with beautiful sailing boats. Just walk around the outside rail and see the boats upclose! You can come here by train, plane, bus and automobile; I will give the info on the automobile the only one taken here…as I lived about 30 minutes from it.

lorient gare maritime boat oceane to ile d groix jul13

At Lorient ,for travelers boarding their vehicle, go to the boarding car park in front of the station 45 minutes before departure, You will ,also, find on your right when arriving at the ferry terminal a car park with a capacity of 250 spaces. This car park, managed by the city of Lorient, is payable. Also, other parking choices are the “Ile de Groix” car park (on the island) located 300 meters from the pier, offers 300 parking spaces. It is open 30 minutes before the departure of the first boat until 30 minutes after the arrival of the last boat, Parking de Place d’Armes in Lorient with 491 spaces ; the car park is covered and is located less than 10 minutes on foot from the ferry terminal. A paid shuttle service was set up from 01 to 31 August, My favorite is the parking space at the Espace Nayel (shopping center) with 330 spaces at place Jules Ferry, car access from the rue Paul Bert. At about 15 minutes on foot from the ferry terminal, Orientis car park with 290 spaces located 3 boulevard Cosmao Dumanoir. It is the furthest away (about 20 minutes on foot from the ferry terminal) but a regular bus service allows you to easily reach the ferry terminal.

lorient gare maritime back dist jul13

There is one quant way to get to the Groix island, and this is on  Escal’ouest  (not taken) crosses by boat to the island of Groix from Lorient La Base in season: from April to September, every weekend as well as every day in July and August. The crossing also lasts 45 minutes. Note that the Escal’Ouest boat stops at Port-Louis before heading for the island of Groix. More info here:

Another way and the one we took is the Compagnie Océane. They serve several marine stations along the Morbihan coast. The Compagnie Océane ships belong to the General Council of Morbihan which places them at the service of the Compagnie Océane. My boat was the Breizh Nevez roulier commissioned in 2018, and there is also the Île de Groix put in service in 2008. More info webpage:

lorient gare maritime oceane cruiser jul13

Of course, could not just leave you with the gare maritime of Lorient, there is the beautiful Groix island, here is some chosen info.

Groix is ​​an island and a town in the beautiful Morbihan department 56., Nicknamed the garnets island, it is located in the Bay of Biscay, off the south coast of Bretagne, north-west of Belle-Île-en-Mer and in front of the city of Ploemeur.
Groix, located 5 km south of the Pointe du Talud, on the mainland, is the second largest island in Bretagne/Brittany.

The island of Groix opens its doors to you with a holiday feel as soon as you arrive at Port Tudy. You will find the shops there to quench your thirst or immediately rent bikes for the stay. Discover pretty hiking trails offering you the marvelous wild coves and sumptuous Breton beaches such as the plage pointe des chats (point of cats) ,plage des grands sables (great sands) or plage des sables rouges (red sands).  The main thing here at least for us was the beaches. The main beach of the island offers several interesting aspects: it is convex, it moves very quickly and it consists of two sands of different colors. Its convex shape is due to two sea currents. This is the plage Les Grands Sables. Go for it ,its gorgeous. 

Other interesting facts and things to see in Groix island.  A first jetty was built in 1792 at Port Tudy, replaced from the 1860s by a 115-meter long pier, completed by two jetties, one of 155 meters, the other of 193 meters. After many failures finally in 1935, with the extension of the jetty, that the port was finally fully protected.  Port Tudy was the largest fishing and marina on the island. It accommodates the shuttle (ferry) which connects the island and the mainland in Lorient and Port-Louis. The port hardly accommodates any more trawlers, it receives on the other hand many pleasure boats, shuttles between the island and Lorient as well as water taxis. The Pen Men lighthouse, first built in 1791, was rebuilt between 1835 and 1839 at the western tip of Groix. The Chats lighthouse, at the eastern tip, was put into service in 1897, the Croix beacon in 1898, the Birvideaux beacon tower in 1934. The Grognon and Nosterven semaphores entered service in 1806, that of Beg Melen in 1881, another existing at the Cross.

Again other things to see in my opinion and with time as the beaches are it, are: Saint-Tudy Church (17C and 19C , largely rebuilt in 1850 in the village, whose patron is Saint Tudy. This church has the particularity, as on the island of Hoedic, to have a tuna as a weather vane installed in 1952 on the bell tower in place of the cock or the arrow.
The island of Groix ecomuseum, which opened in 1984, traces, according to the principles of an ecomuseum, the history of the island of Groix and its inhabitants.

The official Groix island tourist office on its beaches

My fav plages tv on the beaches of the Ïle de Groix

The city of Lorient on the marine terminal to Groix island :

The South Brittany Lorient tourist office on the gare maritime :

A nice way to do some walking around beautiful sailing boats,and past the afternoon with the family. Enjoy renovated Lorient, only about 30 minutes from my house. If you like the sea ,then this town is for you.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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