The oysters of Saint Philibert!!

Moving right along, to show the very nice living in my lovely Bretagne away from the bussle and huzzle of big cities, and right by the mighty Atlantic Ocean. I have several posts on nice pretty quant Saint Philibert but forgot to mention its oysters!!! And they are tops indeed. Therefore, here is my bit of contribution to the oysters of Saint Philibert!!

I am moving right along the coast in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne,and my belle France. The town of Saint Philibert  is about 23 mins by car from my house! 

A bit more on the oysters, love them!!

By the time of the Roman Empire, Armorican (Brittany today) oysters were already one of the most popular dishes. These oysters, still wild, were intended for powerful and wealthy families in large cities. The beginnings of oyster farming are not precise, the first mention dates back to the 4C, when a poet of the time praised it in his writings. Modern oyster farming, began under Napoleon III, with the naturalist Victor Coste. The first local unions were created only during the interwar period, as were the first unions. In 1920, an epizootic destroyed 90% of the oyster population, then another again in the 1970s. A new variety originating in Japan had to be reintroduced into the bay to repopulate the parks of the region. Currently, the sector is strictly supervised. by regional, national and European legislation, which guarantees its sustainability.

Bretagne/Brittany was rewarded for its know-how at the general agricultural product category competition, which takes place each year during last year 2019 Agricultural Show in Paris (2020 cancelled due to the virus) , The region collected 129 medals, 33 more than last year (96) and thus moved up to first position in the ranking. So 41 gold medals, 50 silver and 38 bronze. Among the most awarded products: ciders, oysters, dairy products (butter and cheese), rillettes and pâtés, jam and even two medals for the punch! See the next Agriculture Fair in Paris 26 February to 6 March 2022!

One of the pleasures of summer in my lovely Bretagne is of course savoring seafood. And when you sit down to the table at the producer, it is the best way to consume good products while admiring the sea! A dozen oysters, a crab, periwinkles, all accompanied by buttered bread and a glass of chilled white wine for a toast, it’s heaven!!!!

Some of the best in the world are right here! These have been my suppliers and they are both good!! We passed by many oysters and mussels producers like those at Intrenn Passion at the corner of rue des presses and rue de l’océan; webpage:

A bit further the buying and tasting of oysters and mussels at Chez Jaouen is glorious,this is given a choice is my favorite tops; we come here often in season. webpage:

st philibert jaouen aquaculture seafood jun17

Further choices are in the city of Saint Philibert webpage:

This is a nice quant beach town and we love it. If you read my blog you know we come here for other shopping too like the great Breton biscuits and cakes, and canned seafood to spread on those glorious baguette tradition mind you! Here is a bit more from the Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Saint Philibert

There you go folks, feel better now to tell you a bit more of our culinary delights in our beautiful Morbihan, heavens on earth for the sea lover in us! Hope you enjoy the post and do try the Morbihan oysters found all over in the best restaurants of my belle France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I have always thought oysters to be overrated and much prefer a plate of mussels.

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