Theater of Pont er Groah !!!

And briefly mentioned in previous post, I need to have it on its own this little piece of land in a wonderful spot near me in my Sainte Anne d’Auray, in my beautiful Morbihan and in my lovely Bretagne. I happened to see it by chance and what a chance it was, we love it. Let me tell you a bit more on the Theater of Pont er Groah!!!

We passed by Sainte Anne d’Auray often , many times in the week, this is where the basilica of Sainte Anne (see posts)  is located, to get around the town and saw Pont er Groah, a nice housing type windmills way back in the sanctuary that is actually an open air theater!! not recall seen them before. So here they are!   The open air theater in the Basilica de Sainte-Anne d’Auray shows a 2 hours huge spectacle with more than 200 actors and figures in costumes of the times with farm animals, carts, and carriages in the recontructed village of Ker Anna of the 17C recounting the apparitions of Sainte-Anne (the mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus) to a humble Breton farmer Yvon Nicolazic. She is now the patron saint of Brittany, and the third biggest pilgrimage in France.

A unique open-air theater with a capacity of a thousand seats in tiers, called upon to become a regional cultural hotspot and host other live theater performances, concerts, exhibitions and various events , A theater in a listed natural site, with a pond offering a gigantic scene in the heart of nature. The one that made it possible to reconstitute the village of Ker-Anna in the 17C, in which this show takes place. The show tells of the apparitions of Sainte Anne to a humble Breton peasant, Yvon Nicolazic, appeared holding a torch in his hand of Sainte-Anne , and the tumultuous life of Lord Pierre de Kériolet, who was an ardent opponent of his mission as a builder in the early days.

ste anne d auray Pont er Groah back of basilica sep20

The apparition took upon  Yvon Nicolazic, and Sainte Anne will lead him to the field of Bocéno and will asked him to rebuild there an ancient chapel which was dedicated to her because she says “God wants me to be honored in this place” ; this chapel later became in 1872 the current Holy Basilica of Sainte Anne in the town of Sainte Anne d’Auray, a high place of pilgrimage dear to the hearts of Bretons. Yvon Nicolazic and Pierre de Kériolet today rest in peace, one opposite the other, in the current Basilica of Sainte-Anne

ste anne d auray Pont er Groah windmill theater back basilica sep20

The tumultuous relations of Pierre de Kériolet, nicknamed the devil of Kerlois, with his family in his castle of Pluvigner, also reconstituted, or the exorcism of sisters bewitched by Satan during the affair of the possessed of Loudun, a witch hunt launched by Cardinal Richelieu with an exorcist priest. Decorations, sound and light immerse spectators in this very special atmosphere of the 17C. Finally, the finale is grand with a torch-lit tribute to Sainte Anne, to Yvon Nicolazic, to Pierre de Kériolet, who became a priest at the end of his life. The story ends with the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1996. Indeed a wonderful uplifiting spot near me.

The Hello Association on the renovation of the open air theater of Pont er Groah :

The official Yvon Nicolazic home on the episode of miracle of lights on him seeing the apparition of Sainte Anne  done at Pont er Groah :

The bay of Quiberon tourist office on Ste Anne d’Auray

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist office on Ste Anne d’Auray

Fitting that I put here a bit of the story on Yvon Nicolazic. In the cottage, whose reconstruction dates back to 1907, lived Yvon Nicolazic and his family in the 17C. He was then operating a small farm in this hamlet of Keranna. Today, the house has 2 rooms. The first room is fitted out with closed beds, a spinning wheel and cradle so as to represent the interior of a Breton dwelling in the 17C and the second is an oratory for pilgrims, conducive to meditation and recollection. pray. The house is very close to the Basilica on the main route de Vannes D17 road.  I am translating from the webpage that follows. The official Sanctuary of Sainte Anne on the birth house of Yvon Nicolazic



There you go folks, a dandy revered spot near me in spiritually imposing Sainte Anne d’Auray. The theater of Pont er Groah sits in a nice wooded area, and the show the mistery of Sainte Anne is awesome, worth the detour me think. Hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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