The Haussmann Burton of Vannes!!!

So going over my picture vault and realising some are missing from my blog and they should be in it. My trips to our capital city and former job place Vannes are many and so are my posts. However, feel this wonderful building in the old town deserves a post of its own. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the Haussmann Burton of Vannes!!!

First, a bit of history I like

Before the construction of the Progrès building (now Burton), stood a Château de la Motte which was ceded in 1286 to the bishop. It became the episcopal mansion and was then rebuilt in 1654. In 1790, when Vannes became the capital of Morbihan,(during the French revolution), the building became the residence of the prefects for 60 years.

The Burton building , it is hard not to notice at the corner of Burgault and Billault streets this magnificent Haussmann-style building, The store “Au progress” then “Saint-Rémy” and today Burton are the successive signs of the commercial buildings installed on the ground floor and on the mezzanine of the building. The name of the first sign is carried at the top of the dome in the symbolic representation of progress, Begun in 1914, it will not be completed until 1923 due to the Great War.(WWI). My boys walking by it below pic lol!

vannes Burton store building oct18

Symbol of the birth of department stores, it originally bears the name “Au Progrès” evoking the idea that we had of these stores before becoming Saint-Rémy, then Burton. The building now houses the Burton store and several apartments. Its flagship symbol is the 400 kg zinc dome, remade identically, by a company specializing in roof ornamentation, The spiral part had to be hoisted to the top of the dome 45 meters m) in two stages. The base 2.80 meters wide and nearly 3 meters high then the pine cone of 50 kg which overhangs it.

The Burton store is classic style ready-to-wear chain for women and men also offering shoes and accessories, Official webpage :

There you go folks, a classic building indeed with a nice change of pace in old town nearby are wooden houses going back to the 14C! Of course, we had tried the Burton store but not our favorite we told you in several posts in my blog its AT…Worth stopping by for its architecture contrast with the neighborhood.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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