Pro sports in Vannes!!!

Ok so need to tell you about the pro sports in Vannes!!! Yes we have football/soccer and rugby , the intensity is a bit low with the rugby been the more popular. My company was a sponsor of the Vannes rugby club playing in Pro 2 or second division (tops is call Top 14), and it allows me to go to a couple games. Therefore, need to tell you about this in my capital city of Vannes. Maybe you want to taste the experience ….Hope it helps.

The Stade de La Rabine stadium is the main stadium in the city of Vannes. Located on the right bank of the Vannes marina, the stadium takes its name from the Rabine promenade, a long alley planted with trees that stretches nearly 800 meters between the port esplanade to the north and the quays of the commercial port to the south. The term “Rabine” is of Breton origin, it means “alley planted with trees. “

vannes stade de la rabine tribune est rugby oct18

This stadium is used jointly by the Rugby club from Vannes or RCV, which plays Pro D2, and by the Vannes Olympique Club, or VOC, which currently plays in National 2 (4th division).

A bit of history I like

In 1920, the first Rabine stadium was built by the city of Vannes. It was a velodrome with no grandstand and a football pitch in its center. In 1925, changing rooms were built. In 1932, the first stadium stand was built, it is a covered stand with 7 rows of seats

On July 14, 1954, the end of the 7th stage of the Tour de France between Brest and Vannes took place in the stadium, in front of a large crowd, Jacques Vivier won the stage ahead of François Mahé.

In 2000, the original stadium was destroyed and a new stadium suitable for football was built. In 2000, the ground was excavated and then the honor stand was built. The stadium is equipped with a grass field and a 1,600-seat grandstand with yellow and green seats. It contains six changing rooms, an infirmary, rooms for delegates and referees. The total capacity of the stadium is 6,500 places, including 1,600 seats.

In 2008, after an excellent season, the VOC was promoted to Ligue 2. For this, the Rabine stadium must be brought up to standard to comply with the LFP standards for Ligue 2. The north stand of the stadium is built, This is a 2358-seat grandstand with white VOC-colored seats. Another stand is built opposite the main stand, it is the “music school” stand with 1,166 white seats, this stand was inaugurated on May 8, 2009. In 2016, the RCV was promoted to Pro D2. For its first season in Pro D2, the RCV welcomes an average of 6,600 spectators in each match, a stadium record.

The stadium has hosted matches for the 2013 Rugby Union Junior World Championship, During the month of August 2018, the stadium was requisitioned by FIFA to host the football/soccer U20 women World Cup, of which it hosted 12 matches, including the final between Japan and Spain in front of 5,409 spectators. Japan won 3X1…..

In the future, there is talk of the music conservatory be destroyed and replaced by a larger stand, increasing the capacity to 1,344 seats, it will have a capacity of 2,510 seats. This new stand will increase the capacity of the stadium to 10,100 seats against 9,600 currently.

The city of Vannes on sports

The official RCV rugby club:

The official VOC football/soccer club

There you go folks, a bit of sports in my capital city of Vannes. Maybe an off the beaten path for some of you while in the area. The Rabine stadium is surrounded by old chapels, and conservatory of music in a spledid walkable area along the canal marina that goes into the Gulf of Morbihan, very nice area. Hope it convince you for a visit ……

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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