A dolls museum in Josselin!!!

Ane here I am again finding goodies from my vault that have not written enough or nothing at all. This is a wonderful city to visit, Josselin , very famous for its castle but inside it there is a wonderful dolls museum I like to tell you a bit more about it. Hope you enjoy it as I.

We remember Josselin, a nice town not far from us about 60 km that we enjoy it’s medieval look city center. So here I am creating a new post from older pictures on the museum as have plenty on the castle of Josselin. Of course, this is in my beautiful department 56, Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne.  Josselin has a nice castle,  doll  museum , nice basilica and wonderful lovely inner street with wooden houses of old. A perfect getaway for a day any time.

The old stables have been upgraded to accommodate the Musée des Poupées or dolls museum of historical dolls collected by the Duchees of Rohan and very interesting especially for children. This is in the castle but entrance by 3 rue de Trente.


The story goes that more than 30 years ago, Antoinette de Rohan discovered in the attic of the Castle, a collection of dolls started at the end of the 19C by Herminie de Rohan, the great-grandmother of her husband, Josselin de Rohan. In 1984, Antoinette de Rohan inaugurated the Museum with hundreds of dolls, the oldest dating from the 17C. The Rohan collection currently has a total of nearly 5,000 pieces, in particular a large collection of dolls in Breton costume, an exceptional set of dolls from Japan, as well as many toys, board games, dollhouses, dinettes, animals, trains , planes of yesterday and today. This collection is considered the most important private collection of dolls and toys in France.


They have different events in the year but while we were there and took a peek  they had on the first floor, exhibition: “From Noah’s Ark to Paddington Bear, animals through toys”. This unique presentation of games and animals, accompanied by dolls also evoking many regions of the world, is offered on the first floor (2nd US) of the museum. On the ground floor (1st US), and we admire the exhibition which marks the 30th anniversary of the Museum, in which the rarest pieces from this exceptional collection were presented.

For reference, Antoinette and Josselin de Rohan are the current lords of the castle , Mr Josseling de Rohan is the eldest of the house of Rohan-Chabot.

The official castle webpage on the dolls museumhttps://www.chateaudejosselin.com/en/museum/

There you go folks, a dandy within a dandy castle of Josselin, another wonder of my beautiful Morbihan. Very much recommended for a visit of the whole in your next foray into my neck of the woods ok. Hope this helps you plan your trip and enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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