The Château de Montreuil-Bellay ,part II !!

And back to another wonderful castle of the Loire ! On the road warrior team we set out again for the region of Pays de la Loire and the dept 49 of Maine-et-Loire to visit Montreuil-Bellay! And visit we did wonderful place indeed. Just to show you, we have castles to create a new country lol! Old France never died it just faded away a bit but still plenty of stones around!!! I like to update this post with newer text and older pictures not shown in my original post on the castle ; hope you enjoy it as I,

The Château de Montreuil-Bellay is a vast medieval castle, several times remodeled and standing in the heart of the old town of Montreuil-Bellay. It has 13 defense towers and 600 meters of ramparts, looks like an impregnable fortress! The feudal castle of Montreuil-Bellay was built around 1025. From this period, you should see the barbican, the fortified moats and ramparts, the vaulted cellars, the kitchen with a central hearth, vestiges of the Middle Ages. Then the lords flanked the fortress with elegant constructions based on large vaulted cellars dating from the 15C. The new castle and the collegiate church, the home of the canons, the stoves date from the 15-16C. The chateau is fully furnished. It is also a wine property whose different vintages you will discover. Inhabited by the same family since 1822 and rich in precious furniture handed down from generation to generation,


Among the owners of the Château de Montreuil-Bellay, Geneviève de Condé, Duchess of Longueville and cousin of Louis XIV, is among the most illustrious. Instigator of the Fronde (rebellion vs king authorities) with her brother, the Grand Condé, she is forced by the Sun King into exile behind the walls of this golden prison. The highlight of the visit to the Château de Montreuil-Bellay is the moving discovery of the bedroom of this woman who marked history with her strong character breaking with the strict codes of the court, During the French revolution, the castle was requisitioned and transformed into a prison for monarchist women. A few years later, it was bought by a wealthy trader from Saumur whose daughter married Baron Alexandre Adrien de Grandmaison, an officer in the guard of king Charles X. Their nephew, parliamentarian of the district of Saumur for nearly half a century, opens the doors of its castle to nearly 1,200 soldiers wounded during the Great War or WWI.



There is a new guided tour «  Marche dans les entrailles de la forteresse » or walk in the bowels of the fortress, Discover the bowels of the fortress during an unusual visit that will take you from the barbican to the medieval kitchen, via the moat. We discuss the medieval part of the castle, its history and its architecture. Adult: entrance fee 4€ worth it me think.



The visit of the castle is combined with the tasting and sale of the Domaine’s AOP Saumur wines, frequently awarded for their quality which is always appreciated. And very good value/quality wise, we purchased, The vaulted cellars that support the castle and into which the astonishing Brotherhood of the Knights of Sacavin was enthroned in 1904,serve as the tasting venue! wonderful!!


The official Château Montreuil Bellay webpage:

The Official Château de Montreuil Bellay wine boutique online

The Saumur tourist office on the castle of Montreuil Bellay and heritage sights

There you go folks, it is a beautiful castle and great wine tasting venue at the end to finish a wonderful day in the Pays de la Loire! Do come to the Château de Montreuil-Bellay you will be glad you did.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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