The Château de Brissac !! Part II

And I am back with castles!!! I love castles seen so many in my belle France but each new ones is just more beautiful lol except one…hehehe you know if you read my blog.  I like to expand on my previous post on the Château de Brissac as found more pictures me think should be in my blog, This is in the old town of Brissac-Quincé , now since 2016 is call Brissac Loire Aubance in dept 49 of Maine et Loire in the Pays de la Loire region.


The town was born in 1964 from the grouping of two old neighboring towns of Brissac and Quincé. It is then consolidated in 2016 in the new town of Brissac Loire Aubance. Brissac-Quincé as the best known name still is located on the D 748 road, 16 km south of Angers, 29 km from Saumur, 46 km from Cholet, 85 km from Nantes and 266 km from Paris; and 252 km from my house. I will cut short on the text as mainly was told in the first post, this is some new info and plenty of older pictures but new to the blog, Hope you enjoy them as I.


The Château de Brissac is the tallest castle in France with its 7 floors and 204 rooms, this monument deserves its nickname “Giant of the Loire Valley”. Acquired in 1502, by René de Cossé, 1st Lord of Brissac, it is today the residence of the 13th Duke of Brissac. It remains open to visitors; so much there is to contemplate its dazzling decoration made up of gilded ceilings with leaf, tapestries and precious furniture. Its park offers beautiful views in the shade of hundred-year-old trees. The castle can only be visited on a guided tour.



In the large living room are collected family memories and are mixed with portraits and photos, flowers and candles … Because Brissac is a family castle in which each generation has endeavored to transmit love and respect for a heritage to maintain a tradition of hospitality. In the dining room you will see the place setting as if, in the evening, many guests were invited to the duke’s table! The visit continues in the footsteps of King Louis XIII who came to Brissac in August 1620, from historic rooms to painting galleries, Awesome !



The alleys have been designed over the centuries by those who have lived in and loved these places. In successive strokes, the inhabitants of the Château have shaped nature, transforming a marsh at the foot of the original fortress into an elegant landscaped park. Unveiled in this way, from the hill of the Mausoleum, from the vines, or reflected in the pond, the facades of the castle elevate their monumentality in a site with majestic perspectives and bucolic tones.



The city of Brissac Loire Aubance on its heritage

The official Château de Brissac webpage:

There you folks,recommended , really nice castle in the other Loire, Pays de la Loire, a lovely trip indeed in my belle France! Do come and enjoy the Château de Brissac!

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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