Curiosities of Arras!!

And looking back this town we passed several times on our way to see wife’s brother who lives near the Belgian border. Eventually, we stop by for the Christmas market that bro told us was nice. Indeed it was, as was the town of Arras, which we came back several times more. I have some posts on it but will tell you a bit more on some of its wonderful streets and off the beaten path monuments; hope you enjoy it as I.

For geographical reference, Arras is in dept 62 of Pas de Calais and in the region of Hauts de France of my belle FranceThe wonderful town of Arras. I have written on it before in my blog. However, I need to tell you about some of its architecture walking in town with pictures not in my blog before. It is wonderful to go over these previous places we have travelled and love it. Again, thanks for reading me since Nov 2010! Arras is about 45 km from Lille, and 160 km from Paris ; now 650 km from my house,on the A13 then A84 and A29 to the A1,and finally D939 to centre ville Arras.

The Rue des Chariottes takes you to the Cathedral Notre Dame de l’assomption, The best to see while walking on it is the Chapelle des Chariottes, Les Chariottes take their name from Jean Acharriot who, with his wife Emmelet Huquedieu, founded the first small hospital in 1339 rue de l’Abbaye (now rue Méaulens), at the corner of the impasse des Chariottes which still exists today. The French revolution dispersed the nuns who returned in 1815. Bombarded twice during the Great War or WWI, the chapel was partially rebuilt. The convent is more or less what it was in 1789, except for the reconstructions of 1923. A house of St Francis retreat is directed by the Franciscan sisters. They are at 20-22 Rue des Chariottes.

arras rue des chariottes see cathedral back dec08

The place des Héros square is of the grand-place type which is characterized by a completely mineral aspect that can be found in many towns in the old Netherlands. This is the historic and main central square of the city. The square is located in the city center of Arras, between the city/town hall with its communal belfry and the rue de la Taillerie which connects it to the Grand-Place. The Place des Héros is rectangular and has an area of approximately 70 ares. La Petite Place takes the name of Place des Héros in 1945, in homage to the resistance fighters of the town shot during WWII, The Flemish influence is visible in particular by the scrolled gables overlooking the square, as well as the arcades in front of the houses Fifty-two building facades of the square are listed in the historic monuments of Arras.And the place of the wonderful Marché de Nöel d’Arras!

arras pl des heros marche noel dec08

The Rue Pasteur starts at the train station to Rue Ronville/Rue Wacquez Clausson not far from the Place d’Héros, The main thing to see here is the Congregation of the Augustinian Sisters of Notre-Dame de Paris born in 1977 from the union of two hospital congregations: that of the Augustines of the Hôtel-Dieu in Paris and that of the Augustines of the Precious-Blood of Arras. The community of the Augustinian Sisters of the Precious Blood was founded in Arras in 1854 by Mgr Parisis. It comes from the union of many small diocesan congregations, such as the Teaching Sisters of Arras; the Hospitaller Sisters of Saint-Jean d’Arras; the Hospitaller Sisters of Saint-Louis de Boulogne; the Hospitaller Sisters of Montreuil; the Hospitaller Sisters of Saint-Jean de Laventie. They obtained their decree of praise in 1966 and ten years later joined the Augustines of Paris. They are at 13 Rue Pasteur.

arras rue Pasteur to cv Christmas jan08

The city of Arras tourist office address:

The Arras tourist office on its heritage

The city of Arras tourist office on its heritage

There you go folks, another dandy town in my belle France. This one taking you north to the region of Hauts de France ,the old Nord-Pas Calais region. Arras is worth the detour for its history link to WWI, wonderful architecture, and great Christmas market. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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