How to move about in Bordeaux!

These are always challenging posts by me as road warrior of and by heart. However, been to many cities in my time and always enjoy going in with my car, rental or whatever means available. I have several posts on the wonderful favorite city of Bordeaux but not on transports! Therefore, this is as good a time as any to tell you a bit about it. Hope it proves helpful to you too

Bordeaux is in the Gironde dept 33 of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of my belle France, It is aprox 172 km from Pau, 202 km from San Sebastian, Spain, and 220 km from Toulouse as well as 498 km from Paris. And 494 km from my house ! For info it is also 700 km from Madrid (which we have used as a rest area on our way to Spain). The main roads in general are the A10 from Paris and the regions of the West and North via Poitiers, Nantes, Orléans, The A62 from the Mediterranean via Toulouse, Montauban and Agen, The A63 from Spain via Bayonne and Dax, And the A89 from the South-East and the East via Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and Périgueux.

The city has an extensive highway system with many signs not so hard to get by and attention is needed not to pass the exits. There is a rocade or beltway of the city of Bordeaux , one of the most densely trafic roads in France for its 45 km . It is compose of the autoroute A630 on the left bank of the Garonne river or the N230 on the righ bank, the continuation of the autoroute A10 and the intersection of autoroute A89 is the A631, A62, and A63 .  This rocade , also, takes you into the Médoc, the famous area of wines but it has a lot more. From the rocade you  take exit 4 to go into central  Bordeaux or exit /sortie to no 7 that takes you into the side D1/D2 of wine country along the Garonne river, the other exit/sortie no 8 takes you into the beaches and central area of Médoc. For a scenic ride into the city coming from Paris or my new area of Morbihan breton down on the A10 cross the Garonne river, into the A630 rocade direction Mérignac airport and get off at exit/sortie 4 bd Alienor d’Aquitaine bear left on Rue Lucien Faure passing the pleasure boat marina on your left hand side continue to the river and turn right on the Quai de Bacalan, not far on your left hand side of the Cité du Vin or wine city of Bordeaux, Continue along the Quai de Bacalan along the Garonne river on your left hand side for a wonderful ride, enjoy it !


The car-free day, until then limited to the city center, becomes “My street breathes” and extends every first Sunday of the month (except January and August) to all the districts of Bordeaux. In streets equipped with parking meters, in squares and spaces (road markings or vertical signage), parking is chargeable all year round from 9h to 19h, except Sundays and public holidays. You can Telecharge the app EasyPark and create an account or otherwise touch the screen and hit 1(one) to put in your car matriculation plaque and then pay normally, There are 45 parkings in the city with more than 20K places handle by different firms such as Effia, Geraud, Indigo park, Interparking, Megarama, Met Park, Q-park ,and Urbis park. They are all reliable just choose the location closest to your venue. The parkings I have used over the years are : Victor Hugo, Capucins, Tourny ,Grands Hommes ,and CC Meriadeck. For trafic info in Bordeaux and I always do when leaving home see the moving about webpage:

Found me an older picture and will post here, sorry for the quaility is a pic from a paper pic but brings nice memories of our walks in BordeauxThe Place du Parlement is an Italian-style square located in the Saint Pierre neighborhood, created in 1760 as Place du Marché Royal and then renamed Place de la Liberté during the French revolution. Its current name keeps the memory of the Parliament of Bordeaux established in 1451 and abolished in 1790, The buildings that border it date from the first half of the 18C, The fontaine du Parlement or Parliament fountain dates from the Second Empire (Napoléon III). It was installed in 1865.

Bordeaux pl du parlement

Now on public transports in Bordeaux i used very limited but for general information here is the rundown,

They say there are 78 bus lines, 32 of which are accessible, serve Bordeaux Métropole and adapt to your mobility needs. The electric shuttle (Citéis 47) drops you off wherever you want between Place des Quinconces and Place de la Victoire in Bordeaux. Several parc relay to drop off your car and take public transport into the city, the TBM network will tell you. The Bat3 are 2 catamarans, L’Hirondelle and La Gondole, which serve 4 stops, with connections to the 3 tram lines. 2 river shuttles from 7h to 19h. every day: Stalingrad <> Quinconces <> The Hangars <> Lormont Bas and Stalingrad <> Quinconces: Reinforcements during busy hours.

The tramway of Bordeaux is quite nice and did tried it once,,It has four lines A,B,C , and D, Line A serves the airport, line B goes along the river and into Pessac, Line C goes to Bordeaux lac (lake) and Bégles etc, and line D is a project by the passarelle Jean Jaurés, see the network TBM for schedules.

Bordeaux cours intendant the gang bus ha ha aug08

The network TBM of Bordeaux for bus and tramways, and boat on itineraries

And TBM network on routes

You, also, have 79 bus lines all year with 59 bus lines regular rides and 20 school bus lines for the Département of the Gironde no 33, this is handle by the Modalis network, See the region Nouvelle Aquitaine on this here:

The Bordeaux-Mérignac airport covers 32 regular connections (and more than 60 charters) to the major regions of France and European metropolises, as well as 24 international destinations. About twenty flights connect Paris daily. Regular shuttles connect with the city center. Webpage :

The airport shuttle is a direct connection in 30 minutes (journey time given as an indication and subject to the vagaries of traffic) from Saint-Jean train station to Bordeaux Mérignac airport, 365 days a year, with 1 departure every hour from 6h to 23h, webpage :

They say , 10 minutes from the historic center by tram, Bordeaux Saint Jean train station, the largest train station in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, accommodates 260 trains per day and in particular 25 Bordeaux-Paris round trips, 5 Bordeaux-Roissy Charles de Gaulle, 6 round trips / Bordeaux-Lille return, and 3 Bordeaux-Strasbourg return trips by TGV. 200 TER also connect the regional capital to all the towns of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. The SNCF and TER Nouvelle Aquitaine to follow

TER webpage :

SNCF webpage :

There is a self-service bike rental V3: More than 2000 V3 (known as VCub), including 1000 with electric assistance, are spread over 184 stations in the Metro area of Bordeaux, and offer you mobility in complete freedom, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day! More info here :

Good to know: users of trottinettes, skates or scooters are considered pedestrians when traveling on public roads. There are several taxi stands in the city of Bordeaux, the ones I have seen were at Place Tourny, and Tour 5 rés. Jardins de Gambetta Rue Père Dieuzaide Meriadeck shopping center.

The city of Bordeaux on its heritage

The Bordeaux tourist office on must see

There you go folks, my humble contribution to transports of Bordeaux! A wonderful city to drive on its wide streets, and plenty of parking, and nice tramway service. Hope the post can be useful for your next trip to the city of wine. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I am told that driving around Bordeaux is a matter of getting your timing right!

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