The Kernours tumulus of Le Bono!!!

Ok so moving around updating some older posts, again, came up with pictures not yet shown in my blog! I need to do this new post with older pictures of the stones megaliths or tumulus tombs of Kernours in the town of Le Bono just south of me; (see my  posts). This is very much revered here as stones are central to celtic traditions and I am in Bretagne land. Hope you enjoy this historical and educational post as I.

The Kernours tumulus is located at a place called Le Rocher, in the town of Le Bono. It is one of the seven known tumulus of this type, which are all found between the estuaries of the Loire and the Blavet rivers. It is the only one of the seven to have preserved its mound , which measures 4 meters high and 20 meters in diameter.


The tumulus of Kernours are circular burials under a tumular mound. Under the tumulus, there is a dolmen with a covered alley, bent in L shape of18 meters, composed of 36 stones supporting 14 tables. The totem of a maritime tribe as the octopus or morgate are engraved on some pillars. Its dating dates back to the end of the 11C BC. It is a common burial place. It is surrounded by six circular burials, called tombs, which date from the Iron Age (15C BC). Some of the 24 bronze bracelets found in these tombs are on display at the Museum of Prehistory in Carnac(see post).


The peculiarity of this collective burial tomb lies in its angled plan as are identical to some monuments located on the coastal border between the Loire estuary and the mouth of the Blavet. Their specific architecture appears towards the end of the 4C BC. The presence of Conguel-type pottery in the funerary space indicates frequentation of the tomb around the middle of the 3C BC.


A room decorated with engravings, On the left wall, the twelfth pillar keeps in its upper part the remains of an escutcheon engraving. Opposite it ,on the opposite wall , a grazing light reveals a decor of the same style. A necropolis used for several millennia, Nearly 2,500 years later the cultures of the Iron Age will come to place several tombs near the Tumulus of the Rock, the importance of this monument having designated this moor as a necropolis. Originally, each tomb looked like a circular structure marked by dry stone masonry that could reach a height of one meter. In the center was placed the receptacle of human remains in a stone chest. The whole was then covered with an earthen dome allowing each of the burials to reach between three and four meters. Impressive !!

The city of Le Bono on its Kernours

The Morbihan megalithes on the Kernours

The Megalithes Breton 56 webpage on the Kernours with nice pictures

One of the highlights of the region of Bretagne is the fact of these stones that are world famous and practically impossible to estimate exactly their age. They are all over the Morbihan and the one in Le Bono is a nice one indeed. Hope you enjoy the educational historical and architecturally story of the tumulus of Kernours!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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