Grand Aquarium of Saint Malo!

So up we go to the corsair city of Saint Malo. Yes a very popular spot in our beautiful Brittany, however, there are places off the beaten path most visitors by passed by going to the city center. Of course, this is in Saint Malo, dept 35 of Ille et Vilaine in the region of Bretagne. I like update a wonderful family trip my boys enjoyed very much, the Grand Aquarium of Saint Malo.

The Grand Aquarium of Saint Malo is located at the entrance of the Corsair city of Saint-Malo, in the heart of the malouin basin. It opened its doors in 1996. Owned since 2011 by the Looping Group, a European operator of amusement parks, this property is one of the main public aquariums in France, and the most visited private park in Brittany!. With a total of 4 000 m2 and 2 500 000 liters of water (including 600 000 liters for the largest of the 46 basins ,excluding Nautibus attraction), there are 11 000 animals from the marine world and 600 different species.

St malo grand aquarium ent aug12

The Grand Aquarium offers to discover the underwater world in different rooms that address; the cold and temperate seas with the ballet of the jellyfish, the giant crabs of Japan (up to 3.80 meters large), the anemones, the wolf fishes, the barracudas, etc. The tropical collection with its clown fish, its surgeon fish, the coral, the garden eels and the nautilus. The mangrove with the four-eyed fish, the turtle, the piranha, etc. A wreck of a galleon inhabited by white-tipped sharks, blacktip sharks and harangues.

In addition, there are three attractions such as the tactile basin of 120 m2 tracing the contours of Brittany allows to touch the marine species that populate the Breton coasts such as bats, rays, starfish or sea spiders. Also a large shark ring. The basin, in which seven sharks (of four different species), one giant grouper and three sea turtles, one at more than 30 years of age, contains 600 000 liters of water and fully encircles the room. The Grand Aquarium offered the originality of being able to spend a night in the heart of this ring, surrounded by sharks. The “Nautibus”, submarine following a course among 5 000 fish swimming in a basin of 1 500 000 liters.

st malo Grand aquarium nautibus ent and boys aug12

Some webpages to help you plan your visit are:

The official Aquarium of St Malo:

The St Malo tourist office on the aquarium:

There you go folks, fun for the whole family and something even in this fortified city an off the beaten path idea, just at the entrance to the city.  The Grand Aquarium of Saint Malo, nice, recommended for all. Hope you enjoy it as we!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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