Hôtel de Limur of Vannes!

Another of the pretty sights we have in our capital city of Vannes, Morbihan dept 56 of Brittany in my belle France. Needless to tell you about me and Vannes, many posts on it and worked here, but there are things only written in the general sense and I believe needs more exposure and tell of the richness of the city of Vannes. Therefore, let me update this older post to tell you a bit more on the Hôtel de Limur, hotel in the French sense ! I can call it a mansion…

The Hotel de Limur is at 31 Rue Thiers not far from mayor’s office or Hôtel de Ville (see post) ,and was built in th 17C for Raymond Le Doulx, Canon of the Cathedral of Vannes. At the time of the French revolution, it was seized from Marie-Joseph-Armand de Gouvello, who had left on emigration. Mr. de Gouvello was then a Colonel in the Royal Grenadier Regiment of Brittany. And in 1795, the military Commission responsible for judging the prisoners of Quiberon sat there.


The Hotel subsequently became the property of Mayor François Mahé de Villeneuve, and then of the Receiver General Joseph-François Danet. Elder Danet was, during the revolutionary period, Chairman of the Directory of the Morbihan, then elected in 1799, Member of the Council of elders; he was then admitted by the Senate to the legislature. Appointed Receiver General of Morbihan during the reorganization of 1800 was he who created our current financial administrations, he resigned his duties in 1810, and his son Joseph-François was appointed by the Emperor in his replacement on August 6, 1811, purchased from Mahé-Villeneuve in 1819 from the Gouvello family, the Hôtel de Penhouët, which Mr. Chanu de Limur, a former naval officer  renamed it, Hôtel de Limur. It remains in his family from 1820 to 1947. The latter sold it in 1947 to the city of Vannes. From 1955 to 1968, the Hôtel de Limur welcomes the Museum of fine arts. It is now use for Arts exhibitions on a temporary basis by the city.


A bit on the construction of the Hôtel de Limur:

This pretty and cold architecture, without a great sense of artistic mind, without ornamentation, is characteristic of the Louis XIV style, which aimed primarily at giving an impression of greatness. It has three floors and a French garden in the back; inside it has a grand white marble stairs style Louis XIII built by 1685 . The lower floor rooms, with their vaults of a skillful and variable path; the beautiful staircase, with its pillars and light arches boldly rising to the ridge of the building; the apartments with their ample and harmonious proportions; shows it in splendid proportions. Many think that because Mr Gouvello family having lived at Bordeaux and Versailles had an idea of a building like this here. Oh yes of course!


The Hôtel de Limur land is located at the tip of a triangular square placed at the foot of the wall, it offers a layout, not reflecting the traditional structure of a hotel between courtyard and garden. The staircase is from the end of the 18C or the beginning of the 19C. The architecture of the façade today feels the changes that were made to it in the 19C ,enlargement of the bays, as well as the interior decorations: only two rooms have preserved their authenticity.

The city of Vannes on the Hôtel de Limur: https://www.mairie-vannes.fr/vannesdecouverte/histoire-et-patrimoine/qr-patrimoine/hotel-de-limur-en-detail/

I go by it every time in Vannes, this is just another gem seen walking rue Thiers from the Hôtel de Ville or city/town hall to the le Port harbor marina glorious walk. Enjoy the Hôtel de Limur of Vannes!

And remember, happyt travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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