The public transports of Quimper!

There you go , a lot written on Quimper but not really a post on its public transports! I see them all the time, did tried once the train there, and always by car. However, I know many take public transports and the visitors do it a lot for some reason… Therefore, let me tell you a post on the public transports of Quimper!

Why Quimper? well is one of my favorite cities of my lovely Bretagne, right up the alley from me in Finistére dept 29 and after so many visits, feel right to do one on its public transports; at least in a general overview hoping to help those who needs it. Hope it helps.

As said , we always come by car, except once by train on a business trip. Quimper has an excellent public transport network, with a great gare or train station with TGV connection to Paris-Montparnasse and  TER regional trains all over the area, as well as a great bus terminal or gare routiére next door with buses to nearby towns and far away like Paris! on Flexbus and Ouibus who have stops here. The local bus network is QUB. The closest airports are in Lorient or Brest, however, the local little airport has begun some flights out and worth a look.  And do not forget the Celtic’Train or little train taken in front of the Cathedral. A good way to see the city in a hurry!


Ok so let’s get started on the public transports of Quimper!

The QUB network is the public transport network of the Quimper Bretagne Occidentale urban community, of which Quimper is a greater part. It consists of 10 urban lines, 34 presto lines (mainly school), 17 suburban lines (including 2 complementary), 3 Sunday lines ( including 1 on Sunday evening), and an evening service, Qub Noz, comprising 2 evening lines which serve Quimper from Monday to Saturday. A park-and-ride facility north of Quimper has been made available to travelers wishing to park their car outside the city center, to continue their journey by bus. This park and ride is linked to the city center by bus line B via the Croix des Gardiens arrêt/stop.


The 10 urban lines and the 17 suburban lines serve Briec, Ergué-Gabéric, Guengat, Locronan, Plogonnec, Plomelin, Plonéis, Pluguffan, Quéménéven, Quimper, Landudal, Langolen, Edern and Landrévarzec. 3 new features have been introduced: the Connexity circular line (C 1 and C 2 in opposite directions on the same route) connecting the major centers in the center and south of Quimper, the QUBCity electric minibus line looping around the city center and the shuttle to the airport . In September 2021 (this month), line 9 will see the light of day in order to simplify the journey of line 1. The new line 9 will be structured as follows: Place de la Tour d’Auvergne-Kerfeuteun-Cité administrative-Bécharles-Gourvily and the new Kerlic clinic which is due to open in spring 2022. The “IlliQo” lines A and B are the main axes of the network. Correspondence poles at the “Rue du Parc” and “Resistance” stops will allow travelers to access quick and easy connections with other lines.


Complementary lines 1, 2 and 3 complete the transport offer. These lines are offered with a frequency of passage every 30 minutes. Every 30 minutes during peak hours and every 60 minutes during off-peak hours, lines 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 complete the network and guarantee a network of neighborhoods and the territory.  A minibus for the peri-urban towns of Guengat, Locronan, Plogonnec and Plonéis. These lines are called 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. Single ticket cost 1.40€ ,and the book of 10 tickets cost 10.50€.

The QUB network:

The Quimper Bretagne Occidentale gov webpage on bus transports

The Quimper Cornouaille airport at Pluguffan is 10 minutes from the city center. It offers three daily flights from Monday to Friday, one flight on Saturday and three on Sunday between Quimper and Orly airport . The airport also serves London (London city) and Figari.  An airport shuttle from the QUB network connects Pluguffan airport and Quimper city center. Departures for Paris at 6h35, 10h55 and 18h, as well as arrivals at 10h10, 17h15 and 21h35 are guaranteed by reservation from Monday to Friday for the airport shuttle at tel +33 (0) 2 98 95 26 27 or by email:

The Quimper airport

There is a very good train station and easy transport to Paris Montparnasse passing by my main stations of Auray and Vannes. This I can attest is a good ride. Several daily connections are provided between Quimper and Paris Montparnasse. The duration of a trip is 3h30. The train station, located on Place Louis Armand. The train station is well serve by the Quimpérois taxis are parked in front of the station forecourt awaiting passenger pick-up; coach buses of the BreizhGo network departing from the bus station located in the extension of the SNCF station; Buses of the QUB network of which X lines serve the SNCF station; and The QUB City shuttle, 100% electric and free.



The BreizGo network is good for all public transports in Bretagne/Brittany

The SNCF train stations on Quimper

The TER Bretagne train stations on Quimper

And the city of Quimper webpage on public transports

There you go folks, nice and easy ways to get to beautiful Quimper; worth the detour indeed. Hope the post can be useful for most, and of course any questions let me know ok.  And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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