Le Port of Vannes!!!

Well need to write again about my capital city of Vannes! Actually, we spent almost as much here than in our residence town. And the beat goes on around the wonderful beautiful port or Le Port of Vannes. I had touch base on it before in my blog, but feel one is not enough so here is a bit more on the Le Port of Vannes! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The port of Vannes is a commercial port, a passenger port and a Marina located north of the Gulf of Morbihan along a 1 200 meters channel that leads the boats from the commercial port of Pont-Vert to the afloat basin , at the foot of the Porte Saint-Vincent, entrance gate of the old town of Vannes. The port is a lively area of the town of Vannes.  The center town Le Port is a lively and urban district of Vannes, covering an area of 1.5 km². It has many corners of greenery such as the Parc de la Garenne, the Butte de Kérino and the Jardin de Limur. See posts.

vannes canal le port from parking to event oct16

The Porte Saint Vincent pierced in the rampart at the beginning of the 17C and rebuilt in the 18C, it has been framed since 1840 by buildings forming a hemicycle which delimits the Place Gambetta. Facing the chanel port and marina just lovely, but have writen before on it in my blog.  And behind you, the port of Vannes ; at the end of a 1,200 meters long channel, the Vannes marina with its harbor master’s office, its cultural kiosk, its green spaces, its restaurants and its long walks, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular areas of the inhabitants of the city.  The port is the beating heart of the city of Vannes. An unmissable place that embodies the famous Vannes lifestyle. The port of Vannes is therefore a very pleasant district to live in for its proximity to the sea, the charm of its half-timbered houses, the nearby intramural, its activities, schools / high schools … the list of assets of this district is long!  The capital city of the Morbihan dept 56, Vannes has its own right bank rive droite left bank rive gauche. Two shores, two atmospheres! The right bank is  known for its famous Promenade de la Rabine with its long avenue of trees that borders the water to the Kerino bridge. And the left bank is after the harbormaster, the quartier or neighborhood of Faubourg de Calmont. Lovely areas indeed. And one of our favorite parking spots is up this promenade! for free!! The other good parking we have used even if paying you get discount by using one of the merchants in the Place Gambetta and left/right banks; the Q-Park Le Port webpage here: https://www.q-park.fr/en-gb/cities/vannes/port/

vannes le port canal marina mar19

A bit of history I like

The location of the port in Vannes has varied greatly. Without having found the port facilities, archaeological excavations restore the ancient port to the location of the prefecture, south of Boismoreau hill, site of the ancient Darioritum. Over the centuries, the progressive saltation causes a displacement of the site towards the south. The exact location of the medieval port was not known until the extension of the urban wall to the south, which took place at the end of the 14C.  After the installation of three convents on the port, the Ursulines in 1627, the Carmelites in 1629, the Father-Eternal soon after, the vitality of the port made this district a popular place in the second half of the century. Despite the presence of the Féty Chapel c 1420, which commemorates the passage of Saint Vincent Ferrier,(see post) the left bank was not really invested until the 17C. It was especially in the 18C that construction intensified, together with the establishment of the shipyards which occupy the current space of the Petite Rabine. The construction of the Porte Saint-Vincent gate in 1624 confirms a new path created at the end of the 16C, between the city and its port. Place Gambetta is the result for the first time in Vannes, of a program aiming to stage the port and access to the city by the Porte Saint-Vincent.


Furthermore, access to the port is done under the Kerino bridge built on the channel, downstream of the lock gate. There is now a wonderful underground tunnel just super! The Kerino tunnel or Kerino underpass is an underwater road, cyclist and pedestrian tunnel. This work of art, destined to cross the Marle river, is located at the mouth of the channel linking the port Marina to the Gulf of Morbihan. The tunnel is dug a few meters downstream of the current Kerino bridge. It has a length of 250 meters and has two passages separated by a bulkhead, one for the car traffic in both directions, the other for a bike path and sidewalk. Nice



The city of Vannes on the pleasure marina of Le Porthttps://www.mairie-vannes.fr/port-de-plaisance/

The ports webpage passport stops on the Le Port of  Vannes: https://www.passeportescales.com/fr/marina/5-vannes

The Morbihan dept 56 Tourist Office on Vanneshttps://www.morbihan.com/accueil/decouvrir/le-morbihan/les-principales-destinations/vannes

There you go folks, a dandy in my Vannes capital of the Morbihan dept 56! The Le Port area is the happening place day or night and you would do well to stop by in either. Hope you enjoy the post as I telling you about my wonderful spots.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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