The ossuaire de Saint Cadou of Landerneau!!

One of the singular historical monument of my beautiful Morbihan is at Landerneau. I have written on the town but left this important monument out for some reason ,it should be mention in my blog. Therefore, new text and old picture let me tell you a bit about the ossuaire de Saint Cadou of Landerneau!!

The ossuaire de Saint Cadou, just facing the Church St Thomas (see post) is the old ossuary of Saint Thomas dedicated to Saint Cadou with a date of 1635.  This is a rectangular building with four windows and two chapters in the door. the funerary chapel was taken in 1794 by the French revolution to be a factory of laces and leather shoes for the soldiers. Later, it served for housing of the sacristan priest and later as of today a museum of stone statues from the area.


This very beautiful building with a surface area of 24 m2 houses seven interpretive panels that inform visitors on the heritage of Landerneau. They are illustrated with photos and precise explanations in French, Breton and English, on the ossuary itself, on the local sculptors, certain local houses ,but also on the monuments of the territory. The place is a real gateway to visit the city. This is awesome, worth the detour to see it

In addition, five sculptures, three original and two casts, are presented on large gray boxes, offering to discover three local Landernese sculptors’ workshops. Bastien and Henry Prigent, and one of the greatest Breton sculptors of the modern period, Roland Doré. A 3-minute film, produced with the Apeve association, is presented on the production of Roland Doré.

The City of Landerneau on its heritage :

The Landerneau-Daoulas countryside tourist board on things to see in Landerneau in pdf file :

There you go folks, a nice monument with plenty more to seee around in nice Landerneau. The Ossuaire of Saint Cadou is worth seeing it me think. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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