And I give you Ancenis!

Let me tell you about an off the beaten path trail on my road warrior roads in my belle France, I was going someplace else do not recall where and passed by Ancenis in the Loire Atlantique dept 44 of the Pays de la Loire region. It was a pleasant find as many have in my travels, and decided to take a quick peek, This is the story of that, bear in mind have another post on the covered market here. Hope you enjoy this post as I.

Ancenis is since January 1, 2019, the new town of Ancenis-Saint-Géréon with the former neighboring town of Saint-Géréon. The city is 35 km from Nantes, 50 km from Angers, and 50 km from Cholet. The city is connected to the national road network by its highway interchange as well as its toll on the A 11 connecting Nantes to Paris, Also, the popular D 763 , connecting Ancenis to Belleville-sur-Vie, via Vallet and Clisson; and the D 723 of which we have taken, There is a train station or gare at boulevard de la Liberation, and has no city bus network ; however, the city is served by buses from the region and by departmental buses from neighboring Maine-et-Loire dept 49, The Nantes Atlantique airport is located 50 km and about 40 minutes from the city.

The old Ancenis was founded in 984 by Guérech, son of Alain Barbetorte, Duke of Brittany, or by his wife Aremberge. The foundation of Ancenis is intended to defend the new Breton border created by the victory of Alain Barbetorte over the Normans, in particular the claims of the Counts of Anjou who, from 987, besieged the city. In 1468, the Treaty of Ancenis was signed, committing François II of Brittany to break alliances with Charles the Bold and King Edward IV of England. The original founding of the city was on an island whose contours can still be seen thanks to the boulevards Joseph-Vincent and Léon-Séché. The quays demonstrate the past importance of traffic on the Loire river and the importance of the port of Ancenis.

The Ancenis castle was built following the destruction of a castle motte, in 984, by Aremberge, wife of the count Gérech de Nantes, duke of Brittany, However, in the second part of the 15C, the castle was partly destroyed and, on the orders of Anne of Brittany, in conflict with the Lord of Ancenis, the ditches were filled during the Mad War (war between 1485 and 1488, a coalition of lords to Anne de France, regent of France. Carried out in parallel with the war in Brittany, it ends with the Treaty of the Orchard which prepares the union of Brittany with France). Following the reconciliation, the castle is then returned to the lord. From the 17C, the role of the castle diminished sharply, until 1626 when, by order of Richelieu, it was dismantled. The castle deteriorates over time: entire sections of walls disappear. The moats were filled in for the creation of the quays in 1840. It became the property of the city in 1987; the city restored the entrance gatehouse, demolished the 19C chapel, and the 1960s high school. In 2010, a controversial operation consisted of installing part of the services of the Loire-Atlantique general council within the walls of the castle.


The Pont d’Ancenis bridge, or Pont de Bretagne-Anjou , is a suspension bridge, over the Loire river. It was built in 1952, to be inaugurated on January 18, 1953. It was the beginning of the construction project for the quays and the new port, which faces the castle. Currently the bridge is 412 meters long, for a central span of 238 meters, and 28.7 meters high, or 1,500 tonnes of steel. The bridge links the bottom of the city center of Ancenis to the village of Fourneau, on the town of Liré (Maine-et-Loire 49).


Other things to see in Ancenis me think are : The Church Saint-Pierre, was built in the 15-16C, on the Place Saint-Pierre, in the city center, near the Loire , the Chapel Notre-Dame-de-la-Délivrance is a small chapel located to the right of the above church, place Saint-Pierre. This small chapel is very important because it was here, in 1943, that a Merovingian sarcophagus was discovered. This makes it possible to bear witness to the Christian presence in the 7-8C. The market halls or Halles (see post) are the heart of the city center, around which all of the city’s shops are located. They are built on the site of the old halls dating from the 15C, razed in 1859. It is in 1862 that the new Halles are inaugurated The city/town hall was built at the same time as the halles and is attached to it. It was inaugurated in 1863, in the same Napoleon III style as the covered market (halles). The Jardin de l’Eperon is unique in that it is located all along the Loire, from the bridge to the outdoor swimming pool. There is a playground, water games, and mini-golf. It offers a breathtaking view of the Loire , and the not to mention , the good wines of Ancenis.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip are:

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There you go folks, another dandy in my off the beaten paths ways of my belle France, This one not far from me in neighboring old Brittany, Loire-Atlantique dept 44, Ancenis is worth the detour for half a day. Hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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