The new train station of Auray!!

I need to give you an update as I finally was by the new train station of Auray. I have in previous posts and even one telling you about the construction going on and the plans for the station. However, I have passed by and it looks great. Nostalgia sits in ,is me again.

The Auray train station was my first train in the Morbihan dept 56 way back when I came into the area from Versailles, Yvelines dept 78. I need to go on business trips and this was the closest station to my first foothold in the area at Brec’h. Even moving to Pluvigner early on I still use the station for my trips to Paris, especially on TGV. Also, using TER from here for connections in Redon, Le Mans, or Rennes. Later on, there was plenty of parking and better schedules from Vannes so moved there for my trips.

It will always be my first train station in the Morbihan. Previously took a train from Paris Montparnasse to Rennes on a business trip while still living in Versailles, therefore, Rennes is my first train station in Bretagne!

I passed by Auray, for trains and it has a bus terminal but never use the buses here. The Auray train station or gare d’Auray is located in the district of la Gare of the city of Auray. It was commissioned in 1862,  and served by the SNCF, TER of Bretagne and Pays de la Loire and the TGV Atlantique mainly. To cut it short as written on it elsewhere, the movement for improvements here started with the  “Bretagne à Grande Vitesse” project, or high speed Brittany when the hope was and done to put Auray train station at  2h40 from Paris . Increase the reception capacity, create a forecourt, a footbridge, parking lots, create a new passenger building, but also increase the capacity of the bus station. I would try not to repeat myself, bear with me I am a frequent train traveler but not an expert…

Let me translate from the agglo metro area of Auray-Quiberon on the train station.

The new Auray train station welcomes travelers with its modern and functional architecture that blends harmoniously into the landscape. This transparent building consists of a ground floor and a mezzanine. On the ground floor, a crossing hall gives access to the platforms from the forecourt. It allows a very good visibility on the arrivals and departures of the different modes of transport. Its structure also offers a good overview of all the services. The covered external staircase leading to the walkway serves the middle level of the building. The old train station building will be preserved because of its historical and heritage value. Rehabilitated to accommodate catering for travelers and residents, it will contribute to the attractiveness of life in the neighborhood.

auray train station old sep21

auray gare entrance sep21

The work consist of the embellishment of rue de la Paix ,Now this embellishment continues on a second part further east between rue Jean Mermoz and place Raoult Dautry, The Quai A (main platform) was thus raised to the height of the trains, ie 20 cm over 125 linear meters, to the level of the current passenger building. All the quay sides are now equipped with alert strips along their entire length, ie no less than 1,550 linear meters. At the same time, the lighting of the platforms was brought up to standard. The underground passage and its stairs which previously allowed users to access the central platform (tracks 2 and 4) has been closed. Also, to maintain access to these tracks, the first part of the walkway is now in service as well as the high-capacity elevators located at each end. This is a big improvement indeed remember going at night by these underground passages not an easy feeling,

auray gare voies et parking sep21

From this month of September 2021, there is a new track that will link the road from Pipark to Brec’h limits , thus opening up a new access from the north of the territory and more particularly to the square with its parking spaces and the various services of the Multimodal Exchange Hub. A new access which shortens the distances and should make it possible to facilitate transfers between the various transportations modes. Last September 7-8, the footbridge connecting Auray and Brec’h was installed. It is 100 meters long, and it spans the tracks of the train station that is turning into a real Multimodal Exchange Hub. Located 7 meters above the ground, this footbridge will offer, when it is fully operational by end September 2021, a viewpoint over the Chartreuse in Brec’h (see post). It meets all accessibility standards and will have a very large staircase and elevators at each end, as well as at the central platform. It is made up of metal beams, which will also serve as a railing, and a wooden interior cladding. The second part of the footbridge will create the access road, parking spaces (cars and two-wheelers) and the development of the square to the north of the railway tracks.

Auray bus terminal train sep21

Something to feel good about it is the finally ! development work on the “long-term” car park offering 124 parking spaces to station users. Then, the central car park is open and offers 64 additional spaces (including 5 spaces reserved for People with Reduced Mobility) dedicated to “short-term” parking. This car park accommodate a space for bicycles, two-wheelers, taxis and rental companies. Thus, a second “long-term” car park with a capacity of 173 spaces (including 6 spaces for Reduced Mobility) is created, a second car park, this one dedicated to “short-term” parking, is under construction to offer 18 additional spaces (including 1 disabled parking space). 

The agglo area of Auray Quiberon more on the Auray train station:

The SNCF Auray train station  :

The TER Bretagne on the Auray local train station

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Auray :

There you go folks, a dandy modern train station just 14 km from my house, just enticing to try the trains again. Easy connection from Paris, already friends have use it to visit while the old station, now should be even better… This is my update on the wonderful Auray train station or Gare d’Auray. Hope you have enjoy the post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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