The fountain of Saint Guigner of Pluvigner!

Ok I must be on a nostalgia run of my town, but it has lots of things to see and we are not even finish with seeing them all!!! This is an update of an older post on my nice Pluvigner , and feels the fountain deserves a post on their own so here it goes folks. Why not write about your own town pretty sights here we have them in bunches!  Let me tell you a bit brief on my favorite fountain and washhouse of Pluvigner. Fontaine Saint-Guigner et lavoir du Tanin  or the Saint-Guigner Fountain and Tanin Washhouse (Laundry).


The Fountain Saint Guigner dates from 1526. It is located at the crossroads of the rue des Fontaines and rue du Tanin in my  Pluvigner. The town of Pluvigner has about fifteen wash-houses and fountains! often associated with a chapel. They are therefore close to religious buildings. These constructions are very diverse: some slabs materializing a basin, imposing constructions sometimes associating a wash-house.


Legend has it that it was from his staff that Saint Guigner (and if read my blog is the founder of the town taking its name from him Plu Breton origin for parish and guigner so Pluvigner came out later like the parish of St Guigner) sprang water from where the devotional fountain now stands. On the day of the Pardon of the Holy Martyr, patients with rheumatism had to drink this water and pass under the seven reliquaries. The ogive aedicule of the fountain, formerly surmounted by a small cross, is completed by a wash-house with three basins. The inscription, which has become almost illegible today, confirms dating from the 16C. A source captured in a round and deep basin of about one meter gushes at the level of the pavement.

The monument has a washhouse with three basins or call the washhouse of Tanin or Lavoir du Tanin.


The city of Pluvigner on its washhouses

There you go folks, a small detail of a pretty fountain and washhouse that is right in city center on an old street behind the St Guigner Church (see post). And do come into the beautiful Morbihan dept 56. Enjoy the fountain of St Guigner and its washhouse of Tanin of Pluvigner!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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