Basilica of Notre-Dame du Roncier of Josselin!!

 As the previous post mentioned a lot Olivier V of Clisson, why not tell you something on where he rests in peace and another jewel of my lovely Bretagne and my belle France!  I like to give you more than briefly on my other posts on Josselin, and talk to you about the Basilica of Notre-Dame-du-Roncier.  Hope you enjoy the post as I

The Basilica of Notre-Dame-du-Roncier, also a parish Church, built at the end of the 12C and several times enlarged and modified. It houses the tombs of Olivier V de Clisson, Constable de France, and his second wife Marguerite de Rohan. All succeeded in all the major events in Josselin of the family of chevalier Olivier de Clisson, and Marguerite de Rohan, therefore the story of the Rohan family in the castle. There is a pilgrimage here and one of the most important of the Morbihan, after that of Sainte Anne d’Auray (for Sainte Anne, see post). The town of Josselin is in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56. It is the site of the pardon or forgiveness celebration of the virgen for 1200+ years!  every september 8th. You can climb the tower 138 steps at a height of 61 meters. Inside its richly decorated.


The Basilique Notre Dame du Roncier, in 808 leyend has it, a farmer who worked the land finds a statue of the Virgin and takes it home, however, the Virgin always comes back to the place where he found it ,and several times as well. The bishop ask him to rend a cult in her memory; the daughter of the farmer who was blind recovered her sight and people flock to the place until finally a Church is ordered built.



In April 1891, Pope Leo XIII granted it the title of minor basilica 1949. The bell tower contains five free-throw volley bells, three of which, fixed in the spire, strike the hours.  In 1491 the construction of the chapel to the north of the choir, the current Notre-Dame du Roncier Chapel. The current church was remodeled in the 19C. Alongside a very attractive architectural cachet, enhanced by the contrast between the granite stone and the wooden vaults, the building is rich in 15C and 19C stained glass windows. The Notre-Dame du Roncier chapel shines with a magnificent 19C altar, itself surrounded by two angels with very airy dynamism. The altar is in white Charentes stone. The wooden vault of the Notre-Dame du Roncier Church is similar to those of many Breton churches. Brittany, rich in forests, favored wood rather than stone for the vaulting of its Gothic religious buildings. The choir of the basilica is dominated by the large stained glass window of the Rohans made by Ferdinand Hucher in 1893. The high altar is in granite from Lannion and in Carrara marble. It was created by the V. Henrot de Lannion workshop in 1885. In the separation between the choir and the Notre-Dame du Roncier Chapel, the massive columns and Romanesque capitals date from the end of the 12C. Visitors will not fail to admire the triple arched brace of the west portal. Its trumeau is decorated with a 15C Virgin. A pretty basket-handle door opens onto the south aisle. It is surmounted by an attractive granite cross decorated with the face of a Christ of Sorrows.  As for the tower, its lower part is the most recent part early 16C. It is embedded between two buttresses from the 15C. The nave is said to be “of high party”  therefore without wind In April 1891, Pope Leo XIII granted it the title of minor basilica 1949. The new bell tower of 1949, contains five free-throw volley bells, three of which, fixed in the spire, strike the hours.




The Constable Olivier de Clisson and his second wife Marguerite de Rohan had the southern apsidiole transformed into an oratory and private chapel at the end of the 14C. In 1370, this powerful lord, who was constable of the royal armies, had a private chapel built to the right of the choir (Sainte-Marguerite chapel), a place intended to shelter his remains. Many miracles are attributed to this basilica, including the healing of the blind and the paralytic. The healing of “barkers” during forgiveness is also attributed to Notre-Dame du Roncier.


The stained glass windows. We do not know much about the old  stained glass windows of Notre-Dame du Roncier. The current church houses four partially preserved 15C stained-glass windows . These are stained-glass windows with large figures and high canopies, painted in grisaille and silver yellow. In the 20C, the de Rohan family ordered done a very art-deco stained glass window on the Combat des Trente (circa 1931-1933). In 1939, the Mauméjean workshop, with its characteristic style, produced two stained glass windows on the Birth of the Virgin and the Marriage of the Virgin. Among the 19C stained-glass windows, notice the one dedicated to Saint Anne d’Auray and her pilgrimage, two stained-glass windows including that of Olivier de Clisson and Marguerite de Rohan, visible in the Sainte-Marguerite Chapel which houses the cenotaph of the constable.  The stained glass window illustrating the fight of the Archangel Michael against the demon. The stained glass window of the axis bay commissioned by the de Rohan family in 1893. The six figures of the de Rohan family, aligned in the base. As for the lancets, they illustrate the mysteries of the Rosary. Also see a very beautifully crafted stained glass window  illustrating the famous theme of “barkers”, women affected by hysteria or epilepsy,

The old furniture kept in the Basilica Notre Dame du Roncier is remarkable. The decor of the south porch is taken up in the 16C and expresses Renaissance influences. The organ is from the 17C, pulpit  18C wrought iron.

Some further webpages to help you plan your trip are:

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There you go folks, now you have the whole story , not much to write because I think is monumental and beyond my humble creative writing; but the Basilica Notre Dame du Roncier is worth to visit, a must I would say if by this area, which is in itself a must to visit and say hello….

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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