The beach in Locmariaquer!!

Oh well we went out as my oldest was on work break and took the gang including my father and our dog Rex into the coastal Morbihan we love so much, we came driving by Crac’h ,St Philibert,La Trinité sur Mer and finally settle in by beautiful Locmariaquer. Let me tell you a bit more of this latest adventure by yours truly! 

I must say the center town and several beaches were packed as I guess all have the health pass…. We just stop in the most quiet and empty spot by the Pointe de Kerpenhir in Locmariaquer.

locmariaquer kerpenhir to isles aug21

The town of Locmariaquer is located at the western mouth of the Gulf of Morbihan and has many beaches overlooking the Bay of Quiberon, western part of Mor Braz which opens access to the Atlantic Ocean. Love to come here for a drink or lunch by the port.

Locmariaquer is a wonderful coastal town with several beaches such as the fine sandy beaches of Saint-Pierre beach, Falaise beach, Rolay beach and Valy beach. I have several posts on Locmariaquer in my blog and the Falaise beach in particular, This time went yesterday morning with our dog Rex to visit walked more the Rolay beach, Here is my take on it ; hope you enjoy it as I.

locmariaquer kerpenhir rolay plage along sea aug21

This pointe de Kerpenhir is wonderful with a very nice beach and plenty of picnics and parking along the beaches. We love to come here even in winter and walked on them for a pint by the port.

locmariaquer kerpenhir rolay beach front aug21

The plage du Rolay or rolay beach is located between the Falaise beach and Pointe de Kerpenhir headland, facing Port Navalo (see post), and overlooks the ocean. Swimming in complete serenity since an exclusion zone for navigation has been delimited on the site . There are parking spaces along the road. Rolay beach, has just been fitted out to allow people with reduced mobility to enjoy the joys of swimming. A launching mat has been installed recently,

locmariaquer kerpenhir rolay beach to isles aug21

As a reminder , Locmariaquer is one of the renowned exceptional testimony to the funeral rites of the Neolithic, with its archaeological site of megaliths, renowned throughout the world There are 3 emblematic monuments reigning majestically including the Grand Menhir Brisé. With a height of 21 meters and 280 tons, it is the largest stele ever erected by man at that time! A few steps away, the Er Grahet tumulus and the Table des Marchands dolmen are real archaeological nuggets. Adorned with 2 magnificent golden slabs, the Merchants’ Table is part of the passage tombs, and, like the Er Grah tumulus, offers an overview of funeral rites in Neolithic times from about 4,500 to 3,500 years BC !! Worth the detour just for this alone !

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Locmariaquer :

The town of Locmariaquer on its heritage :

My fav beach webpage of Plages TV on the Rolay beach of Locmariaquer:

This is heavens on earth in the coastal Morbihan; on a nice Rolay beach in lovely Locmariaquer.  Hope you have enjoy the post as it, And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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