Church Saint Gildas of Auray!

Let me tell you about a beauty in my lovely Auray! in beautiful Morbihan breton of the gorgeous region of Bretagne!  Plenty written on Auray in my blog but as usual need to tell you in specifics about the main things to see and the Church St Gildas is one of them. The town has a lot to offer on history and architecture that is worth a detour.


The Church St Gildas owes its name to a 12C priory which depends on the Benedictine abbey of the Rhuys Peninsula. It was conceived at the site of the old priory of which combines medieval and baroque styles. The work started in 1623 ,it bears the date of 1636 on the three gables and was consecrated in 1641 ,but is only completed in 1663. The steeple of the three-story square tower was however only completed in 1701, and rebuilt in 1832.


The Church Saint Gildas nave consists of three aisles. The facade consists of a three-level steeple tower surmounted by an octagonal lantern. The other façade is remarkable for its Renaissance-style porch, with three levels with twin columns on the first two levels and a triangular pediment in which the saint’s niche is located. The nave has a level of large arcades resting on columns that rise up to the coffered vault whose double arches are resting on carved bases. The flat choir, vaulted also with caissons, is adorned with a large altarpiece. It dominates the whole city, and will serve as a model in the region.



Inside you can admire a recently restored 16C Christ-recumbent. The imposing altarpiece of the high altar is in Levallois style and dates from 1657.   The vault is adorned with painted boxes and at the bottom, in the Tribune, the organ of Waltrin dates from 1761.   The whole dates from the 17C 18C, 19C and Baroque style .Located at Place Gabriel Deshayes in the upper town; it is the main church in Auray!



The city of Auray on its heritage including the church:

The area Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Auray:

The Bretagne region tourist board on Auray:

There you go folks, another dandy place to enjoy architecture and history in my Morbihan. Auray is tops for a whole day or more; hope you enjoy the post on the Church Saint Gildas as I. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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