What to see in the Place Valencia of Vannes!!

The title is enticing but is more historical than anything else. This is Vannes in the Morbihan breton of Brittany. And Place Valencia is Plaza Valencia or Valence would be in French, for a good reason. Let me tell you what to see in the Place Valence of Vannes!!

I like to tell you more into the things to see here, and Vannes and her women or Vannes et sa femme is very well known and seen by all visitors. Therefore, here is a bit more on it.  Vannes and her women or Vannes et sa femme is a polychrome stone sign depicting the busts of a couple and probably dating from the 16C. Integrated into the façade of a half-timbered house of the old town of Vannes, in what is now the Villa Valencia restaurant. It is a famous emblem of the city.


The sculpture known as Vannes and her women consists of two busts side by side: a woman on the left and a man on the right. Their faces are jovial and very expressive. Their hands, amputated, could have worn an object. The two characters are carved in granite and painted. Tops of a few tens of centimeters, they come out from the corner of the house located at 3, rue du Bienheureux Pierre-René Rogue,(blessed Pierre René Rogue) at the corner of Rue Noé, in a corner of the place Valence. The façade and the roof of this house, dating from the 15-16C.


The origin of the bust remains mysterious, its nickname was already attested in the early 19C, the meaning of this sculpture is unknown. It could be a commercial sign , possibly for a cabaret.   Other assumptions imagine links with the Château-Gaillard (now museum of history and archaeology see post), located just opposite. The place Valencia is located inside the first precincts of the old town of Vannes. A very nice place for walks and wonderful architecture with quant shops.  The place Valencia opens at the crossroads of Rue des Hallesrue Noé and Rue des Orfeèvres. Irregular plan, it occupies no more than 500 m2.

The place Valencia is named after Valencia, the hometown in Spain of Saint Vincent Ferrier, (see post) who came to preach in Vannes in 1418-19. The preacher would have lived in a house on the square. This beautiful half-timbered house and on the ground floor in stone is located at no. 17 of the place Valencia. According to tradition, it was reportedly inhabited by Saint Vincent Ferrier in 1418-1419. It was revamped in 1574. It is now an old library store. The house plans are wooden of two corbally square floors . The façade frame shows strands of fern and regular poles following repeated occasions. The house is of massaged plan with lateral posterior returns in a wooden panel around a courtyard comprising on the left the stairwell and right a small body with small advance on two levels, covered in a shed. The basement is made up of stone pillars and Doric pilasters. The profile of the lateral walls embraces the stone door. Presence of a basement. The staircase is wooden back with return passage.


The Bretagne region tourist board on Vanneshttps://www.brittanytourism.com/destinations/the-10-destinations/southern-brittany-morbihan-gulf/vannes/

The local Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on the Vannes et sa femmehttps://www.golfedumorbihan.bzh/explorer-vannes/decouvrir-vannes/golfe-morbihan/vannes/vannes-et-sa-femme/

A wonderful area to walk amongt so much beautiful architecture and many quant shops and restos in the old town section untouched by time and human events. This is Vannes et sa femme!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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